The Holy Work Of Publishing

Rabbi Eliyahu Matusof, a member of the editorial staff of Otzar HaChassidim, tells of the Rebbe’s detailed involvement – and humility – in preparing seforim to print.

Documenting Mesiras Nefesh

As a young Yeshiva student, Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Gottlieb was troubled that very little was known about the life of the Rebbe’s father. With the Rebbe’s encouragement, he set out to write a book about him.

Exploring Asia in Brooklyn

Born and raised in China, Mr. Freddy Ezekiel didn’t give much thought about the future of Judaism if the Far East. A meeting with the Rebbe changed all that.

The Heart of a Mother

Here’s My Story: Mrs. Leah Moscowitz of Chicago tells of her miracle baby boy and the great interest the Rebbe took in her health and of the baby. Plus the dollar from the Rebbe he received at his Bar Mitzva.

Scroll to the End of Exile

In 5702, during the darkest hours of the Holocaust, the Frierdiker Rebbe commissioned a new Sefer Torah “to greet Moshiach”. In 5730, it was completed by the Rebbe.

Nothing is Impossible

When the Rebbe announced that 71 new institutions should be established, Rabbi Shlomo Cunin committed to opening 7 new Chabad Houses. The Rebbe participated with his own unique donation.

Don’t Delay the Wedding

Even in these unprecedented confusing times, the Rebbe finds ways to answer and give brochos to chassidim. Read a fascinating first-hand story by Rabbi Eliyahu Shvicha, a shliach in North Tel-Aviv.

An Angel With a Cushion

Rabbi Yossy Goldman has served as a shliach in Johannesburg, South Africa, since 5736/1976. He is the senior rabbi at the city’s Sydenham Shul and president of the South African Rabbinical Association.

Rolling Out the Persian Carpet

Mr. Moshe Chayempour describes the care and personal interest the Rebbe took in the Iranian children brought over to the U.S. by Chabad activists in Operation Exodus in 1979.

The Terrified Inkeeper and the Blank Letter

Melava Malka Story: When the inkeeper opened Reb Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev’s envelope for the poritz, he was shocked to discover that the only thing inside was a blank sheet of paper.

Preaching with Conviction

Here’s My Story: Rabbi Chaim Ciment shares a few stories he heard from Rabbi Yoseph Ber Soloveitchik about his days together with the Rebbe in Berlin, and how he knew that the Rebbe would one day become Rebbe.

The Jewish Soul Lobby

Here’s My Story: How did the Rebbe respond when Israeli reporter Shlomo Nakdimon asked for an on-the-record inverview? And which leading politician’s unfinished work did the Rebbe tell him complete?

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