Mrs. Millye Cohen, 97, AH

Mrs. Millye Cohen, a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of Chabad chassidim and a pillar of the community in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, passed away on Friday, 14 Av, 5781.

New Derher Offers Stress-Free Path to Parnasah

An upcoming Derher article, titled ‘Blessing and Success’, unpacks the subject of working at parnasah in great detail. From the fundamental ideas to inspiring stories, encouraging words and practical spiritual and physical tips from the Rebbe to actually boost your parnasah.

Live: Raising Hashem’s Children

Women, Join Live Now: Mrs. Chanie Wolf will present the third of a six part Chinuch series on the topic of ‘Raising Hashem’s Children – Inspiration and Practical Guidance in Chinuch of Young Children’.

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