First Weekday of 5781 in Crown Heights

Photos: Shmulik Reinitz/

The fast of Tzom Gedalya was marked in 770 with downsized minyonim taking place indoors and many more outdoors davening, saying selichos and reading the krias hatorah for the fast day. The fast was broken with individually packed meals in keeping with health regulations.

An Old Niggun for the New Year

In honor of the Aseres Yemei Teshuva, Chabad musicians Menachem Frenkel and Moti K released a heartfelt performance of ‘niggun yashan’ an old niggun attributed to the Alter Rebbe.

France Welcomes New Year

Photos: Mordechai Lubecki

Multiple large tents were erected at Rosh Hashana in the Beis Chaya Mushka in Paris, France to accommodate the large crowds and to maintain proper social distancing.

Rosh Hashana Concludes with Outdoor Farbrengen

Photos: Shmulik Reinitz/

An uncommon ending to an uncommon Yom Tov: The customary Seder Niggunim that concludes Rosh Hashana took place Sunday evening outside 770 Eastern Parkway to follow COVID-19 health regulations, with only a small crowd gathering indoors.

Rabbi Avrohom Lider, 61, AH

Rabbi Avrohom Lieder, who founded and stood at the helm of the Ahavas Chessed organization and helped thousands with medical needs, passed away on the first night of Rosh Hashana.

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