Moshiach Initiative Reaches Latin America

Hundreds of Spanish-speaking Jews have signed up to receive a daily Moshiach thought on WhatsApp, produced by the shluchim of Latin America in partnership with Rabbi Chai Kohan of the Merkos 302 Spanish Department.

Sarah Esther Pechenik, 93, AH

Sarah Esther (Sonia/Sofia) Pechenik, a survivor of World War II who escaped from Communist Russia and was completely devoted to her family, passed away on Monday, 12 Cheshvan.

R’ Sholom Simon, 83, AH

R’ Sholom Simon, a Lubavitcher chosid from Manchester, England, who served as a caterer for many years, passed away on Monday evening, 13 Cheshvan.

Two Year Old Girl Niftar After Being Removed From Life Support

Alta's father bentching her on Erev Yom Kippur this year

Alta Fixsler, the two-year-old, brain-damaged child at the center of a legal battle between her parents and the U.K. National Health Service, passed away Monday night after medical personnel removed her life support machines. US based activists called it “a death penalty couched in fancy legalese.”

Weingarten Family Dedicates New Sefer Torah

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/

Friends and family gathered on Sunday to write the final letters in a new Sefer Torah dedicated in memory of R’ Matti Weingarten a”h on his 20th yahrzeit. The siyum was followed by a parade and hakafos at the JCM.

Live: Tenathon Musical Event of the Year

Join Live at 6:30 PM ET: Tune in for the Jewish music event of the year featuring Avraham Fried, Lipa Schmeltzer, Yaakov Shwekey and Benny Friedman, hosted by Nachum Segal with inspiration by Rabbi Shais Taub.

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