The Extravagant Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Sholom Spalter of Morristown, NJ tells of when his father wrote to the Rebbe that he planned an extravagant Bar Mitzvah for his son. The Rebbe’s memorable response changed his Bar Mitzvah, as well as those of his children.

Picture of the Day

The Rebbe’s choizer and chief editor of Sefer Hoerkim, Rabbi Yoel Kahn, paid a shiva visit to mashpia and fellow Sefer Hoerkim editor Rabbi Sholom Charitonov, who is siting shiva after the passing of his brother.

Lina Tovshteyn, 78, AH

Lina Tovshteyn, a longtime Crown Heights resident, known for her hospitality and warmth, passed away from complications of COVID a week after her husband’s passing.

A Peak Inside This Month’s Derher

This month’s Derher is packed to the brim with gripping Chassidishe content, at the center of which is an extensive article about Bitachon, an article tracing the story of F.R.E.E., and all the regular columns.

David Mintz, 89, AH

Mr. David Mintz, founder, and CEO of Tofutti Brands, who received numerous brachos from the Rebbe to create his signature dairy-free brands, passed away Wednesday, 12 Adar, 5781.

Hadar Hatorah Students Launch Weekly Newsletter

While under lockdown at his home in Vermont last spring, Hadar Hatorah student Velvel Fishman started a mivtzoim route and began including a Dvar Torah, which soon grew to a full-fledged publication, now distributed by Hadar Hatorah students every week.

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