“Hu Bachayim”: Our Eternal Connection to the Rebbe

The topic of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s continued – and growing – presence was a constant theme throughout the Rebbe’s nesius, one repeated countless times over the years. But how does “hu b’chaim” translate into our physical reality? Presented for Gimmel Tammuz.

Gimmel Tammuz: 27 Years

Gimmel Tammuz, the Rebbe’s yom hilula is marked by fulfilling the minhogei yarzeit the Rebbe wrote for Yud Shvat. Anash.org presents the minhagim, Mishnayos, and resources.

Yeshiva Hanhalos Ask for Help

In a letter to parents, hanhala of 10 yeshivos have come together to express their gratitude to the Vaad Hatmimim for instilling in their bochurim a true meaningful hiskashrus to the Rebbe though its programs throughout the year and especially before Gimmel Tammuz.

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