The Ignorant Chosson’s Transformation

Photo: Deena Englard/Frocks In Stock

Motzei Shabbos Story: Rabbi Avraham Abish of Frankfurt was born into a family of great Torah scholars, but he did not quite fit in. That all changed after an humiliating incident during his wedding feast.

Crown Heights Camps Join Rally for 15 Av in 770

Photos: Mendy Kotlyar/

Ahead of the auspicious day of Chamisha Assar B’av, which falls out on Shabbos, children from Crown Heights day camps gathered in 770 for a rally organized by NCFJE in memory of Rabbi JJ Hecht whose yahrzeit is on 15 Av.

Wedding: Jacobson – Harlig

Photos: Maorizyu/

The wedding of Shneur Jacobson of Crown Heights and Chani Harlig of Henderson, Nevada, took place on Wednesday night at Oholei Torah ballroom.

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