Kibbud Av V’Eim is Not for ‘Perfect Parents’

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: The Torah doesn’t command us to honor the perfect parents. It commands us to honor our parents. The Rebbe showed that sometimes we need to be creative in finding ways of fulfilling this mitzvah even when it’s difficult.

The Rebbe’s Words Surprised These Barbados Rabbis

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: We’ve recently seen how thousands of Yidden who once claimed to want nothing to do with Hashem have now embraced Him. It’s sad that this came through such tragic circumstances, but let it be an inspiration to never give up on bringing Hashem’s presence to every single yid.

The Matriarch of Lubavitch: Wise, Sensitive, and Loyal

A prominent figure in Lubavitch, Rebbetzin Rivkah, whose 110th yahrtzeit is on Yud Shvat, was known for her wisdom and storytelling, as well as her sensitivity and kindness. Her admiration for her husband, the Rebbe Maharash, was so exceptional that she never sat while he stood and didn’t disturb him when her dress got caught in the door…

What’s Going On With Lubavitch?

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: Chabad-Lubavitch is baruch Hashem functional, impressive, and influential. Those who want can see and share its beauty with others. But those who want to see shortcomings will see and peddle only that information.

Decisions Should Not Be Motivated by What “They” Will Say

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: It’s painful to see military and security decisions being made from fear of foreign approval. “What will the world say?” The Rebbe constantly emphasized that there are clear halachos for how to deal with security questions. The Will of Hashem should be the only deciding factor.

Like Security, Chinuch Must Be Left to the Experts

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: Notwithstanding Yosef’s greatness, he was not fit to run a Yeshiva. A Yeshiva must be led by those who have only one occupation: Torah. Even someone performing at the level of Yosef Hatzadik, is not fit to lead a Yeshiva properly if he has other occupations.

“So Mesiras Nefesh Has a Limit?”

Under Communist rule, Reb Yona Kahn “Poltaver” risked his life by running all underground branches of Tomchei Temimim in Russia. When Reb Mendel Futerfas asked him about leaving, Reb Yonah shared how he felt about it.

Languishing in Prison, He Went Beyond Himself

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: At this point in his life, Yosef had already experienced enough hardship, disappointment, and stress to make him angry at the world. Yet, he still wanted to be helpful. We each have the power to be a Yosef.

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