Dress Them Right While You Can

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: Young children are extremely impressionable, and the way we dress them is the way they’ll be inclined to behave. As long as we’re choosing their clothing, we’re influencing their path. We should not take this lightly.

Was Rivkah Imeinu “Emotionally Healthy”?

Article by Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier: If Rivkah Imeinu was evaluated today, would she pass as emotionally and psychologically healthy? She seems to have lacked what we call today “healthy boundaries” or “personal space.”

“Abi M’lernt Torah Ohr!”

Having heard that the chassidim in Dokshitz gather to learn Torah Ohr while drinking ‘punch liquor,’ the Rebbe Maharash objected. But the next time R. Areh Dokshitzer came for yechidus, the Rebbe told him to resume.

She Unveiled the Torah’s “Disturbing” Stories for Us

Photo: Deena Englard via FrocksinStock
Photo: Deena Englard via FrocksinStock

I remember walking out of my first Chumash class with Morah Yehudis Heller a”h with the sense of a new world opening before me. Coming from Bais Yaakov, I thought I had a good understanding of Chumash Bereishis. What was missing, though, was the point of it all.

New Response from the Rebbe Addresses Eruv Question

Illustration Photo: A kosher eruv built during Tishrei in front of 770. Credit: Dovber Hechtman
Illustration Photo: A kosher eruv built during Tishrei in front of 770. Credit: Dovber Hechtman

A never-before-published response from forty years ago, released now by Rabbi Shalom Ber Levine of the Rebbe’s library, clarifies the Rebbe‘s basic requirements for building a city eruv.

Have You Considered Paying?

OpEd by Rabbi Gershon Avtzon: Tishrei is always an exciting time in Crown Heights, and bochurim can benefit from many uplifting farbrengens. But there is one thing which can ruin many a good farbrengen.

5782: The Year in Review

As we conclude the last moments of 5782 and prepare for the start of the new year, Anash.org remembers the tears and the joys, the hardship and hope of a year gone by.

When the Dogs Lead the People

Harav Yaakov Viderevitch, Moscow Rov and later of New York, was once taking a walk with Mr. Zev Wissotzky, founder of the famous tea company. A conversation about the dogs turned into an important lesson for Mr. Wissotzky.

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