Rabbi Yudi Dukes Speaks at Class in His Merit

Watch: Hundreds joined a class given by Florida Shliach Rabbi Chay Amar in the merit of Rabbi Yudi Dukes, who addressed the class participants with words of encouragement during these challenging times.

The Parsha TV: Is it Fair?

Cousins Levi Kaplan of Maryland and Mendel Treitel of Montreal have created a weekly entertaining video series on the Parsha. Watch the video for this week.

Popular Parsha Puppet Show Now Online

With the recent closure of schools and much of the learning taking place online, Rabbi Avrohom Wagshul, began producing a weekly kid-friendly Parsha puppet show and sharing it via WhatsApp groups. He’s now making it available online for the greater Chabad community.

Yizkor in the Age of Covid-19

If Yizkor may be said at home, why is the emphasis placed on saying it in shul? Rabbi Mendel Kaplan plumbs the depths of this significant prayer and reaches a critical conclusion.

Thanking Hashem for Our Suffering

After all the pain that the Jews have suffered for 2000 years, how is it possible that we will thank Hashem for it? Rabbi Sholom Zirkind explains the prophecy ‘Odcha Hashem ki anafta bi‘ in this Geula and Moshiach shiur.

“Moshiach, When Will You Come?”

The famous story about the Baal Shem Tov asking Moshiach when he would come begs a question. Isn’t the answer for this already mentioned in the Gemara? Rabbi Sholom Zirkind explains ‘when your wellspring spread outwards,’ in this Geula and Moshiach Shiur.

When the Egyptian President Asked about the Rebbe

In the 1980s, while part of a delegation visiting Egypt, Israeli journalist Yisroel Katzover was called into the private study of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who died earlier today. The President then asked him a question about the Rebbe that startled him.

A Lubavitcher Eishes Chayil

Chabad Singer Eliasaf Chafetz and musician Yosef Zuldan recently released a beautiful new recording of Eishes Chayil to the Chabad tune of Niggun Shabbos v’Yom Tov.

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