Chassidus Kollel Launches New Sugya to Prepare for Gimmel Tammuz

In the months since the launch of Merkos 302’s Kollel L’lomdei Dach, the excitement and success of this structured Chassidus learning has become increasingly evident. The next sugya, on the topic of “Raaya Ma’hemna,” will begin immediately after Pesach.

In the few months since the launch of Merkos 302’s Kollel L’lomdei Dach, the excitement and success of this new Chassidus learning initiative has become increasingly evident. The program has garnered widespread enthusiasm among the over 150 participants, who have dedicated themselves to structured, consistent and ambitious Chassidus study.

The Kollel, which began its virtual Beis Midrash on Hei Teves, has quickly gained momentum. The over 150 participants, committed to dedicating a minimum of three hours a week (ideally with a chavrusa), are finding the program not only enriching but also transformative in their connection to Chassidus.

The first Sugya covered the topic of “Birchas Hashem Hi Tashir,” that a Jew’s income is supernatural; the Kollel’s curriculum included Maamorim of the Alter Rebbe, Derech Mitzvosecha from the Tzemach Tzedek, Kuntres U’Maayon from the Rebbe Rashab, as well as Igros, Sichos and Maamorim from the Rebbe, amongst many other sources. The second Sugya dealt with the complex topic of “Yetzias Mitzrayim and Meitzar HaGaron” with a similarly wide variety of sources and details.

“The learning of Chassidus is what drives everything we do as Chassidim,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “The hustle of Shlichus and day-to-day life can make it challenging to maintain a consistent in-depth regimen of Chassidus learning, which is really the core of our Shlichus. We are seeing the Kollel addressing that critical need.”

And for its third Sugya, as we approach the all-important day of Gimmel Tammuz, the Kollel Dach is excited to announce that it will be learning the topic of “Raaya Ma’hemna.” In the words of Rabbi Yosef Klyne, Rosh HaKollel: “We’ve all learned the Maamor “Ve’ato Tetzaveh.” As Chassidei Chabad, we owe it to ourselves to broaden our grasp of the concepts, background and depth of this landmark Maamor by exploring the full Sugya. This limmud, together with hundreds of Chassidim, will refresh, enrich and deepen our Hiskashrus to the Raaya Ma’hemna.”

This enriching Limmud will explore the various facets of the Rebbe-Chosid relationship as it is presented, starting with the Alter Rebbe up until the Rebbe’s teachings, culminating with the renowned Maamor of the Ve’ato Tetzaveh. In the words of Maggid Shiur, Rabbi Osher Farkash, “We will learn it. We will Farbreng about it. We will absorb it.”

A standout feature of the Kollel remains the weekly shiurim delivered live on Zoom by two beloved mashpi’im: Rabbi Asher Farkash in Yiddish and Rabbi Yosef Klyne in English. These sessions have been transformative for many participants, with Rabbi Farkash’s ability to elucidate Chassidus and Rabbi Klyne’s unique skill in making complex concepts relatable earning high praise. The Kollel has a dedicated shoel u’meishiv, Rabbi Dovid Markel, available to talk in learning on the group chat or one on one,

As the Kollel L’lomdei Dach continues to unfold, the success stories and positive impact on participants are becoming more pronounced. Rabbi Betzalel Bassman, the menahel gashmi of the Kollel, reflects on the program’s achievements, saying, “I have been inundated with messages from Chavrei HaKollel that the keviyus and the learning have literally changed their lives in a few short weeks.”

One of the key factors is the structured curriculum, comprising thirty fundamental topics in Chassidus, each to be mastered over six-to-nine-week intervals. The carefully curated approach has proven effective in guiding participants through the vast sea of material, addressing the commonly faced challenge of where to begin.

Rabbi Levi Paltiel, the menahel poel of the Kollel, has expressed the feedback he has been receiving “We are thrilled to witness the growing success of the Kollel. It serves as a practical means for individuals to maintain inspiration and immerse themselves in the study of Chassidus in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.”

The next sugyah will begin immediately after Pesach and will climax on Gimmel Tammuz itself.

For those interested in joining Merkos 302’s Kollel L’lomdei Dach and experiencing the transformative journey of structured Chassidus study, more information is available at Or reach out on WhatsApp ‪+1 (732) 707‑7703 or email [email protected].

You can see a preview of a week in the Kollel here:

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