Chof-K Product Gets Reform Hechsher for Pesach

Joyva’s Jell Rings, a product with a Chof-K hechsher year round, has a different hechsher for Pesach: a Reform rabbi who permits kitniyos. While many avoid such products on Pesach, it serves as a reminder to be evermore vigilant.

By reporter

Kashrus always requires alertness and vigilance. But one reader discovered how an item with a reliable hechsher year-round was certified with a Reform “hechsher” for Pesach.

Joyva Jell Rings, a popular item year-round with a Chof-K hechsher, are marked on the front of the box as “Kosher for Passover.” However, a closer look reveals that for Pesach they are only certified by Rabbi Andrue Kahn, a reform rabbi.

On his website, the reform rabbi authors a responsa to completely do away with the issue of kitniyos. In that vein, his “Kosher for Passover” statement covers all kinds of kitnyos wihtout specifying so on the package.

This is one example of the tremendous complexities and myriad pitfalls hashgachos involve. It is always important to research properly and not blindly follow or assume a products kashrus level.

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  1. I hardly think it is appropriate for you to assume Chof-K has done anything wrong here, and to insinuate this blame in your headline and article.

    We are here for achdus, not machlokes.

    1. Nowhere in the article does it say that. As I understand it, the point was that a product with a reliable hechsher would suddenly be found with a bad hechsher.

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