Moscow All Ready to Welcome Yom Tov with Joy

Residents of Moscow, Russia, finished all their preparations for the Yom Tov of Pesach by selling and burning their chometz and distributing “Kimcha DePischa” food packages at the Marina Roscha shul.

A little while before selling the Chometz of the Russian Jewish people by the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar Shalita, the annual blessing letter written by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to all the Jews of Russia arrived at his office.

President Putin: “The Jews of Russia! I congratulate all Russian Jews on the occasion of Passover. This holiday, ancient and especially respected by all believers of the Jewish religion, reminds us of an important turning point in the history of the nation of Israel – the release from the slavery that lasted for hundreds of years, and the wish for freedom. The holiday also symbolizes the victory of justice, the victory of goodness. I must note with satisfaction a great desire, because the Jewish community in Russia makes a significant contribution to the introduction of multi-discourse between members of different nations and religions in our country, takes an active part in the education of the younger generation, in projects of education, of compassion and of charity and kindness. It also takes care to preserve the spiritual values, The values of the family, which should not be undermined. This activity is great and highly appreciated. I wish you success and all the best, Vladimir Putin”.

From all the cities and districts in Russia, updates are coming about the completion of the multiple preparations to allow hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews to celebrate Passover in all its levels, after months of great activity of preparing kosher ingredients and food for Passover and distributing them to many Jewish communities, along with spacial brochures for Passover and Haggadah books.

The “Kimcha DePischa” project, which takes place every year at the Shaarei Zedek Jewish Charity Center in the center of Moscow, got a big boost this year, and under the guidance of the Chief Rabbi of Israel who came personally to visit and see the distribution, more families were added, and more products added, everything was arranged in a respectful way for the needed.

In the central synagogue “Marina Rosha”, several public Passover services will be held this year, and at the same time in all the Chabad houses and the many institutions in all the neighborhoods of the Russian capital, where everyone will gather together, out of joy, and with security that has been especially increased this year.

Photo: Levi Nazarov

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