Pittsburgh Zal Announces Additional Hanhala Member

The new Pittsburgh Zal has announced that Rabbi Dovid Markel, an experienced Maggid Shiur and writer of Chassidus, will join the Hanhala Staff of Bais Medrash Chabad of Pittsburgh.

We are excited to announce that Rabbi Dovid Markel will be joining the Hanhala Staff of Bais Medrash Chabad of Pittsburgh.

Rabbi Markel brings with him a wealth of experience, having previously served as a beloved Mashpia and Maggid shiur at Yeshivas Achei Temimim of Pittsburgh. He has also imparted his knowledge at the men’s and women’s Mayanot programs in Yerushalayim, and served as a Maggid shiur in the Zal of Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto. Additionally, he has made significant contributions as a senior editor for JLI, playing a key role in the development of numerous successful courses.

Rabbi Markel is also the co-founder of the Neirot Institute, which boasts over 50 translated Chassidic works on Neirot.com, where he has authored hundreds of insightful articles on Chassidus. He currently serves as a Meishiv for the Kollel Dach under Merkos Suite 302.

Rabbi Markel will be joining Rabbi Moshe Aaron Geisinsky as a mashpia in the new Zal. His responsibilities will include delivering in-depth shiurim in Chassidus, regularly hosting Farbrengens, engaging in one-on-one discussions with bochurim, and developing cohesive curriculums on central topics in Chassidus and other intriguing subjects.

In recent weeks, we have conducted numerous visits to Mesivtas, both in person and via Zoom and have received much positive feedback.

Bais Medrash Chabad of Pittsburgh is a new Zal for Shiur Aleph and Bais Bochurim. The Yeshiva will be located in the Greenfield neighborhood within the Chabad community of Pittsburgh. The Zal will be situated at Bnai Emunoh Chabad, offering spacious Bais Medrash rooms, a social hall, and kitchen facilities. The dormitory building is conveniently located just one block from the Yeshiva.

Our website is frequently updated with the latest information and news about our Yeshiva. To learn more or apply for the upcoming Shnas HaLimudim, please visit us at pittsburghzal.com.

For prospective bochurim and parents, we look forward to speaking with you!

Rabbi Friedman: 412-980-4798 Rabbi Lerner: 213-910-4436
or email us at [email protected]

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