New Yeshiva Gedola to Open in Pittsburgh, PA

Bnai Emunoh Chabad in Greenfield, a growing Chabad community in Pittsburgh, PA, is embarking on a new initiative to open a Yeshiva Gedolah (Zal) for Bochurim in Shiur Aleph and Bais.

Each Yeshiva has a unique vision and goals. The Yeshiva in Pittsburgh, is set to see each Bochur as the Rebbe sees him, and to treat each as a child of Hashem. A Chossid of today, inspired, motivated, learned and filled with Simcha and love for another. Our goal is to provide a nurturing yet demanding environment where bochurim can grow independently whilst being part of a vibrant, Chassidishe and Frum atmosphere.

Each Bochur will be respected and treated as a Shliach of the Rebbe in his unique way to become a true leader in his community, family or institution. It is our Shlichus to cultivate and bring out the talents, abilities and inner desires of each and every Bochur to achieve all he believes himself to be, synonymous with what the Rebbe believes of him.

Our mission reads as follows:

“Every Bochur is a Shliach of Hashem, appointed by the Rebbe. who saw within each individual the greatest capabilities to fulfill their mission in an exceptional manner. We strive as Shluchim of the Rebbe to bring out the foremost skills and talents of each Bochur according to the Rebbe’s directives and expectations. This includes the development of a Bochur as a Shliach – leadership, Chossid – Midos Tovos and Ahavas Yisroel, Yiras Shomayim – Davening and Hiddur Mitzvah, and Lamdan – proper Torah learning.”

We are looking for Bochurim who want to be Chassidim of the Rebbe and act accordingly. Mivakshei Hashem who truly desire to grow in the journey of Chassidus, Yiddishkeit and life. Bochurim who will adhere to all Halachic norms and Chassidishe standards.

The Yeshiva will be led by Rabbi Elchonon Friedman, the Shliach and Rov to Bnai Emunoh Chabad together with Rabbi Ephraim Lerner who will take on the role of Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach and Rabbi Moshe Aaron Geisinsky who will be the Mashpia of Chassidus. We  have specifically chosen staff who are relatable and committed to devote themselves fully to the physical and spiritual needs of the bochurim even beyond the Yeshiva structure.

The goals of the Yeshiva is to cater to the learning of each Bochur so that he can achieve on his own, while having satisfaction and inner Chayus in his own progress and growth.

Our program will be divided by learning level. There will be constant guidance to help the bochurim become proficient in learning on their own. The Maggid Shiur will help develop the bochurim’s skills to become self learners, each at their own level. The afternoon seder will be dedicated to introducing unique areas in Torah where each Bochur can flourish in areas of Torah that they will find engaging.

We are taking applications from Bochurim entering Shiur Aleph and Shiur Beis, who have a deep desire to be frum, upright Chassidishe Bochurim, dedicated to the Rebbe, his vision and way of life. Bochurim should be motivated to grow in learning, davening and determined to keep Sedarim.

The Yeshiva is with the blessings of Rabbi Yisroel Rosenfeld and under the Mosdos of Chabad of Western PA. The Yeshiva Gedolah also has the blessings of Rabbi Yossi Rosenblum of Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh, and will be a fully distinct and independent Mosod.

Limited spaces available. Please register your interest with Rabbi Ephraim Lerner at [email protected], call or text 213-9104436.

For more information our website is

We are willing to meet with all prospective parents and Bochurim and will give every applicant our personal attention.

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