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Yetzias Mitzrayim is the most formative concept in chinuch; your kids deserve to know its real-life relevance. Just in time for Pesach, Sichos in English released a brand new presentation of the Rebbe’s insights for children on “Bechol Dor VaDor.”

Just in time for Pesach, Sichos in English is excited to share a brand new presentation of the Rebbe’s insights for children on Bechol Dor VaDor.

Excerpted from the upcoming The Life of a Jewish Child: The Twelve Pesukim, this chapter offers unprecedented access to the Rebbe’s messages for children on Yetzias Mitzrayim’s enduring relevance. 

Written in an easy-to-understand manner and brimming with practical relevance, it is accompanied by realistic life scenarios to make it even easier for parents to share these core lessons with their children.

Teach them that Mitzrayim was not just long ago, but actually relevant to every day of their childhood!

As is well known, the Rebbe dedicated hundreds of hours to addressing children’s gatherings and rallies. More than just addressing divrei Torah to children, the Rebbe systematically explained how children could deeply connect with their Yiddishkeit in an age-appropriate manner. 

A recurring theme in these special Sichos is that children are not second to the adult world or only valuable as adults-to-be. Instead, the full power of the neshamah, its mission and responsibility, as well as a personal relationship with Hashem, are all fully relevant within their young lives. 

SIE’s upcoming book series, The Life of a Jewish Child, aims to offer parents and educators a comprehensive and accessible presentation of the Rebbe’s unique approach. Following the success of The Basics of Chassidus, this is another collaboration of Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov of Wimbledon, England, and Rabbi Naftoli Hertz Pewzner of Morristown, NJ. 

Readers are to expect two volumes: Volume One, titled “The Twelve Pesukim: Conversations that Shape Our Children’s World,” containing the insights and lessons on the 12 Pesukim and Maamarei Chazal as the Rebbe personally taught them to children, and Volume Two, titled “A Soldier’s Marching Orders,” focusing on the more general role of children as Hashem’s soldiers and the practical “orders of the day” meant to be applied throughout the year. 

With Volume One currently being prepared for print, we are pleased to release an excerpt featuring the ­mishnah of “Bechol dor vador.”

Never before has a comprehensive collection of these insights been published, and the down-to-earth style of writing and cohesive flow are sure to make for a truly revolutionary resource.

Read the excerpt and let its messages transform your Yom Tov. 

Your children will ask questions. Imagine giving them the answers the Rebbe personally taught children. They know Bechol Dor VaDor by heart, so let them know what it means.

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