After Successful Season, Imahos Ubanos Gather for BBQ

After a year of mother and daughter learning, 200 participants joined for an outdoor BBQ event. The highlight was a kindness campaign launched by Chana Henna Lefkowitz, age 9, an Imahos Ubanos daughter, who recently lost her mother, Elki Lefkowitz.

In 2017, the Crown Heights Women’s Circle rolled out an unprecedented program called Imahos U’banos, literally: Mothers and Daughters. A monthly program that runs from Tishrei to Shavuos where mothers and daughters meet, at a shul near their home, to study Chassidus. 

What started off with just one location and about ten mothers. The program quickly gained traction. Made possible by the generosity of the Smetana Family, the program is now active in 7 locations throughout Crown Heights, Pomona, Pennsylvania, and South Florida, with hundreds of families participating. 

Families who attend are passionate about the opportunity. Mothers appreciate the opportunity to build a stronger bond, and daughters bask in the one-on-one attention, away from familial distractions. It’s a win win. 

There is a unique joy in watching the girls snuggle into their mothers as they slowly work their way through a learning packet. To ensure total focus, mothers are encouraged to leave their phones in a designated box when they walk in. One phone is picked from the box at the end of each session and its owner is awarded breakfast for two at a local eatery. 

Last week, the Crown Heights locations hosted their annual, end-of-year BBQ. Mother-daughter duos who attended at least 3 sessions were invited to take part in a lavish BBQ co-sponsored by Mr. Greens and Klein’s Ice Cream.

The highlight of the BBQ was an attractive kindness campaign. Chana Henna Lefkowitz, age 9, an Imahos Ubanos “daughter,” recently lost her mother, Elki Lefkowitz, after a lengthy illness, R”L. Together with her cousin, aunt, and bubby, Chana Henna stood up in front of a crowd of 200 participants and described her mother’s empathy, support for her fellow person and bravery.

The family had magnets printed using Elki’s artwork and they included suggested hachlotos for the girls to take on in areas of kindness and empathy, such as: Offer a genuine compliment to a friend; Be the first to smile; Hold the door open for someone; Call your grandparent, etc.

Girls who committed to do their Ahavas Yisroel hachloto at least once a week until summer break were rewarded with pizza vouchers.

Chana Henna was proud, the mothers and daughters were inspired to work on their ahavas yisroel and, most of all, may this bring Moshiach closer, when Chana Henna will attend Imahos Ubanos together with her mother.

For help launching this program at a location near you, contact Chanel Lipskier, 718-778-6712 or email [email protected].

For more information on upcoming Women’s Circle events, visit

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