New Program Will Help Pay for Widows’ Groceries

Keren Hachomesh, founded by the Rebbe in honor of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka, has announced a special program to support recent Crown Heights widows and their families which have been struck by the devastating blow of a lost breadwinner.

Shluchim Make Peace to End Pandemic

On Sunday, shluchim in two continents made history when they put years of strife behind them. At a virtual farbrengen joined by over 10,000, Rabbi Berel Lazar urged shluchim to make peace and end this galus.

You Can be Eligible for a PPP Loan

A new batch of loans for small businesses is about to be approved. Yaakov Spaeth of Pomona is helping shluchim, non-profits and small businesses apply before it’s too late.

In Hungary, Yizkor Held on Zoom

Rabbi Boruch Oberlander, head shliach and rov of Budapest, Hungary, held a Yizkor ceremony on Zoom complete with Sefer Torah and sermon.

Chabad Represents the World in Sanz

On a day when hundreds would normally visit the resting place of the Divrei Chaim of Sanz, shliach Rabbi Eliezer Gurary of Krakow made sure that at least their requests would be read there.

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