You Can be Eligible for a PPP Loan

A new batch of loans for small businesses is about to be approved. Yaakov Spaeth of Pomona is helping shluchim, non-profits and small businesses apply before it’s too late.

You know of the PPP – Paycheck Protection Program – loan which the government is giving to small businesses during this time. What you might not know is that you could be eligible even if you were declined.

“Until now, shluchim and other Not-for-Profits were told that they’re not eligible for these loans,” shared Yaakov Spaeth of CALA loan advisors shared. “This is simply not true! Any entity that has payroll – from 1-500 employees – can apply for these loans.”

Even if you applied for the PPP loan with your bank, you should consider applying with more banks in the hope that one of them will be able to process it first.

The fact that FinTech and non-bank lenders have been approved to participate in the distribution of PPP loans will make a world of difference when more funds are appropriated. Small businesses would have benefited more had these lenders been approved earlier in the process.

Partnering with a FinTech platform, enables automation of tens of thousands of small businesses to submit PPP applications within minutes.

It’s Fast, Simple and Easy!

The first batch of funding very quickly ran out, but Congress is about to approve the next batch of funding. Don’t hesitate to click on the link below, you will not be disappointed!

Apply Here

Documents you will need to upload include: W-3, 941, Drivers License, Corporate Formation Document – Filing Receipt, so please have these handy.

Time is of the essence! The window of opportunity may close very soon! Don’t delay!

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