The Only Thing to Worry About

After the Rebbe wished a chossid that his daughter would recover, the concerned chossid asked if there was no need to worry. The Rebbe reassured him and then told him one thing he should be worried about.

“Our Time is Precious!”

As thousands of chassidim gathered to celebrate the Rebbe’s eightieth birthday and all that the Rebbe had accomplished, the Rebbe himself shared no satisfaction and focused on the value of time.

Different Hafatza for Different Places

When R’ Raphael Aron to the Rebbe in yechidus that mitzva tanks were not well received in Australia, the Rebbe told him these guiding words, “Not everything which is done in America must be done in Australia.”

The Power of a Rov

Although the Rebbe could pasken himself, he would refer halachic shailos to rabbonim. In a yechidus with R. Nachman Sudak, the Rebbe attributed it to the special siya’ata dishmaya given to a practicing rov.

The Surprise Maamar

On Shabbos morning, the Rebbe surprised the chassidim when he announced that he would say a maamar in his room. After locking the door, the Rebbe had mercy on the latecomers and recited the maamar unusually loud.

Restaurant Shlichus

When Reb Chaim and Reb Zusha Rivkin, wanted to sell their Tel Aviv restaurant, the Rebbe didn’t let them since their kashrus standards might not be kept up. Instead, the Rebbe encouraged them to use it for hafatza.

What to Learn Every Day

Artist R’ Boruch Nachshon of Chevron merited personal direction from the Rebbe on the criticalness of daily Torah study, and what to learn for two hours each day.

Children First!

While the Rebbe encouraged women to get involved in outreach activities, he also emphasized the woman’s primary role as a homemaker, requiring them to put their children first.

‘An Event without Rabbonim?!’

When Tzivos Hashem Headquarters reported to the Rebbe and asked for a bracha for their dinner honorees and supporters, the Rebbe expressed shock that no rabbonim were invited to grace the event. 

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