“Chitas is Like Alef Beis…”

When R’ Shimon Neubort was asked by the Rebbe what he learns for Chassidus, he replied that he learns the daily Tanya. But the Rebbe wasn’t pleased with his reply.

Reb Shimon Neubort relates:

At my first yechidus, 27 Shevat 5724, I asked the Rebbe whether I should transfer from my yeshiva at that time to a Lubavitch Yeshiva, to which the Rebbe said no.

Then the Rebbe asked, “What’s with learning Chassidus?”

“I learn the daily Tanya,” I responded.

“Chitas is like Alef Beis,” the Rebbe said to me. “But it’s not a serious study that can be considered ‘learning Chassidus.’ You should start learning some maamorim.”

“I will try to find the time,” I said.

“Eretz Yisroel stretches according to its inhabitants, because of her holiness,” the Rebbe replied. “The time set aside for Torah is the same. Due to the holiness of Torah, the time stretches as necessary.”

(Ovinu Roeinu p. 41)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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