The Solution to a Shliach’s Loneliness

After leaving Russia, the venerable chossid Reb Saadya Liberow went on Shlichus to Central Morocco. When he wrote to the Rebbe that he felt lonely so far from other chassidim, the Rebbe’s answer surprised him.

After leaving Russia in 5707, the venerable chossid Reb Saadya Liberow was sent on Shlichus in 5713 to Sefrou, Central Morocco. With only his wife and youngest daughter with him, and despite the monetary, spiritual, and cultural challenges, he built a Yeshiva and educated a generation of Moroccan Yidden.

However, being so remote, far from fellow Chassidim, bothered him. After a particularly lonely Lag Baomer and Shavuos, in 5716, Reb Saadya wrote to the Rebbe sharing his frustration. “I have no one to farbreng with,” he lamented.

The Rebbe’s immediate response, dated only four days after Reb Saadya’s letter, surprised him.

“Since you are already in Sefrou for months and years, how can it be that not one of the baal habatim, and certainly from the local teachers, can be suitable for a chassidishe vort? And more than merely a vort, also some chassidishe guidance…”

(Igros Kodesh vol. 13 p. 196)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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