Don’t Exaggerate Your Problems

When a bochur coming close to Lubavitch told the Rebbe of the friction it caused and the opposition he faced, the Rebbe gave him a piece of advice to help him in his journey.

A bochur studying in a non-Lubavitch Yeshiva became involved in learning Chassidus, and also began sharing its sweetness with his friends.

His activities caused friction, and after suffering from some hindrances, he penned a letter to the Rebbe describing his hardships.

“If you are indeed suffering due to spreading Chassidus,” the Rebbe responded, “then you should consider yourself fortunate. You have managed to spread the secrets of Torah to the point that the world’s negative forces are feeling it, and they find it necessary to disturb you!

“Obviously,” the Rebbe continued, “everything must be done in a peaceful manner. However, this should not affect the actual work. It should only direct you how to do things, but should not dictate whether or not it should be done…”

The Rebbe concluded with a tip for keeping the peace, “Don’t exaggerate, not to yourself, and not to others, the level of the hindrances…”

(Igros Kodesh vol. 15 p. 402)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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