“If You Believe In My Bracha, Then Trust Me”

When a visitor insisted on receiving from Chanukah gelt given especially to those who went on mivtzoim, the Rebbe explained that he should “trust the Rebbe” that the bracha did not depend on getting the gelt.

On Chanukah 5734 (1973), the Rebbe distributed Chanukah gelt exclusively to those who went on mivtzoyim.

A distinguished Skverer chossid also joined the line. When he approached, the Rebbe asked him whether he had participated in mivtza Chanukah. When he replied that he hadn’t, the Rebbe said that he is sorry, but he cannot give him the Chanukah gelt.

This guest began crying. He said that he is in a desperate need of a salvation, therefore he beseeches the Rebbe that he receive the holy Chanukah gelt.

The Rebbe responded, “A bracha I could give you. Vaharikosi lochem brocho ad bli dai (I will pour down for you blessing until there be no room to suffice for it – Malachi 3:10). However, the dollar I cannot give.”

The chossid continued to insist, as his tears flowed.

The Rebbe said, “I don’t understand you. If you believe in my bracha, then trust me, that when I say that I cannot give you it is not a children’s game. You want the bracha davka in your way?!

“I will do it in my way. You should have a freilichen Chanukah, and Hashem should fulfill all your wishes.”

(Sipuro Shel Chag, Chanukah, page 238)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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