A Secret From Yourself

A unique fatherly relationship formed between the Rebbe and Reb Berel Yunik. When he didn’t look well and didn’t know why, the Rebbe suggested that perhaps it was a secret – from himself.

A unique fatherly relationship formed between the Rebbe and Reb Berel Yunik. Already as a bochur, far from his family, the Rebbe constantly inquired as to his wellbeing.

“Why do you look like this?” the Rebbe asked a downtrodden Reb Berel in a 23 Adar 5713 conversation. “Are you going through something, physically or in avodas Hashem?”

“I don’t know,” Reb Berel brushed it off. “I’m probably just tired from work.”

But the Rebbe wouldn’t accept the justification for the demeanor. “When one is drained, one eats and sleeps better… Perhaps it’s a secret?”

“On no! I don’t keep any secrets from the Rebbe!” Reb Berel protested.

“It’s probably the kind of secret that you are also hiding from yourself. If you will tell yourself what is bothering you, then maybe you will also tell me. The Eibershter should help that you shouldn’t have what to hide from yourself…”

(Diary of Reb Berel Yunik)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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    1. My understanding is that when a person feels tired after hard and meaningful work, they will naturally eat and sleep well – and even better than if they would not be active. The fact that he wasn’t feeling well is a sign of something bothering him.

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