‘If You Want To Learn From Me…’

Though some chassidim avoided the Tiferes Yisrael commentary on Mishnayos, the Rebbe said he used it. But when Reb Osher Sasonkin said he would therefore copy the Rebbe, the Rebbe advised him to copy him in other ways.

Feeling Embarrassed is a Good Sign

A famous poet and novelist, Shimon Halkin was considered by many the greatest Jewish poet of his day. When he told the Rebbe why he didn’t visit, the Rebbe told him that it was actually a good sign.

There Are No “Minor Mitzvos”

When the Rebbe announced Mivtzah Purim in 5722, some questioned the significance of these “minor mitzvos.” In a yechidus with R’ Yaakov Hanoka, the Rebbe provided an explanation he could share with his former colleagues at Penn University.

How to Get Rid of Personal Bacteria

Mr. Yehudah Leib Unger, an entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, PA, invested in a new patent to recycle cloth bags. The Rebbe taught him an important lesson about how to eliminate bacteria and germs.

A Secret From Yourself

A unique fatherly relationship formed between the Rebbe and Reb Berel Yunik. When he didn’t look well and didn’t know why, the Rebbe suggested that perhaps it was a secret – from himself.

Ten Minutes Before Davening!

As a bochur, Bentzion Cohen was guided by his mashpia, Reb Shlomo Chaim Kesselman, to think Chassidus for ten minutes before davening each day. Hearing about this during yechidus, the Rebbe relished in delight and wished for all bochurim to do the same.

“Helping Her Help You”

After giving Rabbi Yisroel Deren, shliach to Stamford, CT, an extra dollar for his “rabbonus,” and an extra dollar to Mrs. Vivi Deren for helping her husband, the Rebbe turned back and gave Rabbi Deren another dollar.

“Yell at Anash of Bnei Brak!”

Ever since the Chabad Cheder al taharas hakodesh was established in Bnei Brak, it received tremendous encouragement from the Rebbe. When support was slow, the Rebbe had strong words to say – and personal assistance.

What Caused the Rebbe to Smile Broadly

After being trapped behind the iron curtain for decades, R’ Dovid Okunov came to the Rebbe and shared how they had learned Likuttei Sichos. When asked if they removed the title page with the Rebbe’s name, Reb Dovid’s answer made the Rebbe smile.

Get Active!

After an Israeli Major-General joined a 19 Kislev farbrengen, he notified the Rebbe of his “special experience and a feeling of elevation.” The Rebbe replied that as a Tzahal commander, he knows that what counts most is: action.

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