A Daily Reckoning

In advising R’ Shlomo Zarchi to make a minimal cheshbon hanefesh daily, the Rebbe said, “How can one go to sleep without having clarity as to what transpired that day?”

Tell Stories!

During yechidus, the Rebbe asked classroom teacher R’ Shmuel Kaufman of Detroit whether he told his class stories. With the Rebbe’s encouragement, he went on to become a master storyteller.

Learn from Success

When a chossid asked the Rebbe from what age one should begin educating a girl about tznius, the Rebbe advised him to consult with a certain chossid who was successful with his daughters’ chinuch.

What the Rebbe Did When He Was 6 Years Old

When R’ Osher Nikolayever and R’ Yitzchok Dubov found Harav Levi Yitzchok in his garden teaching Likutei Torah to his two sons – ages 6 and 3 – they were surprised. But then the Rebbe did something that really shocked them.

“Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?”

Proper mechitzos in shul was something the Rebbe had to fight for in America of the 50s. Some tried cutting corners with various half partitions, but the Rebbe only pointed out that such a mechitza was a “joke” and defeated its purpose.

“She Can See You”

When their child passed away at nine months old, R’ Mordechai and Fraida Sufrin were heartbroken. But then the Rebbe told them something in yechidus that comforted them.

The Rebbe Pointed to His Glasses

Standing on the bleachers in a packed 770, young Moshe Borisute‘s glasses got knocked off. On his way in, the Rebbe suddenly stopped and waited for the glasses to be picked up and returned.

“Because You Want To!”

A chassidishe train driver with many connections, Reb Shlomo Maidanchik encouraged Member of Knesset Mr. Yehoshua Kaufman to visit the Rebbe while in New York. When he did, the Rebbe checked that he wanted to be there.

Influencing a Defiant Son

When a mother poured out her heart to the Rebbe that her son had chosen the wrong path and her attempts to influence him had been fruitless, the Rebbe suggested a new approach.

Shnayim Mikra Ve’echad Targum

The Rebbe regularly encouraged the reading of the weekly parsha with Targum as recorded in Shulchan Aruch. Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus recalls when the Rebbe brought it up during yechidus.

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