Get Active!

After an Israeli Major-General joined a 19 Kislev farbrengen, he notified the Rebbe of his “special experience and a feeling of elevation.” The Rebbe replied that as a Tzahal commander, he knows that what counts most is: action.

The Eruv Controversy

When the question of building an eruv came up in Detroit, local shliach R. Yankel Krantz a”h consulted with the Rebbe. The Rebbe told him to oppose its construction since it would cause negligence in Shabbos observance and rejected the argument that it would save those who carry.

Take Your Donation Back!

During a Simchas Torah farbrengen, the Rebbe made a promise that pledges to tzedaka made at the farbrengen would bring a five-times return. When some people came forward after Yom Tov, the Rebbe said it was too late.

How Parnassa Is Dictated

Traveling to the Rebbe, spending time in 770, has always been a cornerstone in the ruchniusdike life of a chossid. In one exchange, the Rebbe explained how this can also affect one’s livelihood.

When He Doesn’t Realize That There’s a Shaila

“Luach Kolel Chabad,” published for the first time almost 100 years ago, is republished every year with relevant updates. The need for such a luach, the Rebbe explained, was to address shailos – or to inform that there is a shaila to begin with.

Don’t Forget Basic Halacha

When American author Herman Wouk became involved in publishing a Chumash in braille for the visually impaired, the Rebbe was pleased but not satisfied, and he suggested a different sefer.

When It’s Good To Be Afraid

As a seminary student, Mrs. Esther (Chitrik) Piekarsky was mentoring high school girls and felt afraid of the responsibility. During yechidus, the Rebbe told her why it was good that she was afraid.

How the Rebbe Inspired Elul in Lubavitch

To utilize the month of teshuva properly, the Rebbe instructed the yeshiva staff to inspire their students with an extra seder of avoda’dike maamarim and by telling stories of how chassidim conducted themselves during this special month.

“Have You Met the King?”

When twelve-year-old Yaakov Hertzog from London, UK, said that he learned about the “King in the field,” the Rebbe asked him if he ever met him. The Rebbe then told him where he could meet the King.

You Can Channel Your Sad Mood

As a bochur, Reb Zalman Gopin, today the Kfar Chabad mashpia, was in a dilemma about regulating his mood. The Rebbe showed him how he could utilize whatever mood he was in to serve Hashem.

To Look Out for Another

One Chof Av before the nesius, the Rebbe prepared to serve as chazan, when he noticed a bochur who had yahrtzeit on that day. What the Rebbe proceeded to do taught Reb Leibel Dubov a great lesson in ahavas Yisroel.

‘The Rebbe Knew Me’

As a bochur, Rabbi Sholom Blank, approached the Rebbe to receive a bottle of mashke and extended his left hand. A nearby chossid told him to use his right hand instead, but the Rebbe knew better.

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