What Caused the Rebbe to Smile Broadly

After being trapped behind the iron curtain for decades, R’ Dovid Okunov came to the Rebbe and shared how they had learned Likuttei Sichos. When asked if they removed the title page with the Rebbe’s name, Reb Dovid’s answer made the Rebbe smile.

After being trapped behind the iron curtain for decades, including serving in the Soviet army, Reb Dovid Okunov finally made his way to Eretz Yisroel in 5720’s (1960’s).

In a yechidus following Yom Kippur 5728, the Rebbe asked Reb Dovid to tell him of the lives of Yidden and chassidim in Soviet Russia.

Reb Dovid began to share in detail what life was like, with all its hardships. “However,” Reb Dovid related, “even in Russia, we received the first four volumes of Likutei Sichos, we copied them from each other, and learned from them.”

“I assume that the shaar blat was removed.” The Rebbe said, referring to the title page that had the Rebbe’s name.

“Oh no!” Reb Dovid responded. “Because the shaar blat itself was mechaye nefoshos (gave us life)!”

At this, the Rebbe smiled broadly.

(Teshura 5 Teves 5769)

From The Weekly Farbrengen by Merkaz Anash

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