Siyum Celebrated in Memory of Late Rov

Close to 40 people gathered to celebrate a grand Siyum on Maseches Shkolim at Shain Shul, dedicated in memory of Harav Aharon Yaakov Schwei, whose yahrzeit was yesterday.

Close to 40 people gathered to celebrate a grand Siyum on Maseches Shkolim at Shain Shul, the iconic Kingston Avenue Beis Medrash that is celebrating 40 years of Torah and Tefilah under the dedicated leadership of Rabbi Eliyahu Shain.

This is the fifth Masechta completed by the nightly Gemara Shiur, presented in English by Rabbi Zalman Shanowitz following Maariv at Shain Shul. The Shiur was started to fulfill the Rebbe’s oft-repeated request to set specific times for daily Torah study as the channel for abundant material and spiritual Brochos. 

Rabbi Shanowitz began by making the Siyum and Hadran, as well as commemorating the Shiur’s first Siyum that was celebrated shortly before the COVID quarantine with the honored participation of his late father Rabbi Sholom Ber Shanowitz and Harav Aharon Yaakov Schwei.

The crowd then enjoyed warm words of inspiration by Rabbi Nochum Schapiro, Mashpia Rabbi Kuti Feldman, and Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer, who delivers a morning Gemara Shiur at nearby Chevra Shas. Participants left the Siyum with a resolve to increase their Torah learning and to complete many more Masechtos with Hashem’s help.

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