Job Placement in Crown Heights is Booming

In the wake of the pandemic and economic recession, many have lost their jobs, with Crown Heights being one of the hardest hit. Luckily, Jobmap, a new job-finding program in Crown Heights, is helping hundreds find jobs that are fulfilling and also pay the bills. 

By Zev Gotkin

In the wake of the pandemic and economic recession, many have lost their jobs. In Crown Heights, one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in New York City, many people have been forced to enter or re-enter the job market while others are considering a career change. Luckily, Jobmap, a new job-finding program in Crown Heights, is helping hundreds of men and women find jobs that are fulfilling and also pay the bills. 

JobMap is an organization which, in collaboration with Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Coney Island, and Crown Heights Young Entrepreneurs (CHYE) provides community members with career services and employment opportunities at all stages from entry-level to those seeking to grow in their career or transition into another field.  

Since its inception two years ago, JobMap has secured 407 job placements. To date, JobMap has helped over 3,066 candidates find professional direction and become job-ready through a myriad of services they offer to the community free of charge, including career counselling, resume building, and interview prep. 

“It is our mission to be here for the young people in the community at their formative stage and make sure they have the tools and resources they need to succeed in business or in their chosen career path,” said Rabbi Yehoshua Werde founder of CHYE and program director at Jobmap.

“There has never been a resource like this before,” said Berri Wolosow, job developer of the Crown Heights division, affectionately known to many in the community as “The Job Man.” 

“It’s the best feeling in the world to see young people transform as they gain confidence, direction, and a sense of purpose that will help them be successful in life. We are building a community of productivity and success.”

JobMap has helped hundreds of people fresh out of yeshiva and seminary without any job experience, skills, or direction become job-ready professionals in well-paying, and satisfying careers.

“I came out of yeshiva not knowing which path to take in life for a career,” said Shloime Eber. “A friend recommended I reach out CHYE, and they arranged for me to meet with Berri [Wolosow of JobMap]. Berri asked me questions about myself and my past part-time jobs which helped me gain clarity about my strengths and weaknesses; my likes and dislikes.

Working with JobMap, Shloime was able to narrow down his options. It was decided that Shloime was best suited to an office job, and the JobMap team sprung into action signing him up for a course in QuickBooks software, a skill that would make him a more attractive candidate to employers.  

“After a couple of phone calls and emails [Berri] was able to help get me an office job as an Inside Sales Representative working with QuickBooks. I’m very thankful to JobMap for all their help getting me to where I am today. I would highly recommend anyone in need to reach out to them as well.”

JobMap doesn’t only cater to the recent yeshiva graduate entering the job market for the first time. JobMap is also working with professionals in the community who have already been in the workforce for a while who are now seeking new opportunities or wishing to transition from one career path into another. 

Mendy was in marketing for a few years, but he felt like he wasn’t growing in his old job. He credits CHYE and JobMap for helping him climb the ladder from a mid-level employee at his old company to a high-level executive at a company that appreciated his unique talents, which JobMap was able to highlight. 

 “CHYE was an amazing asset that propelled my career forward,” said Levitin. “They understood exactly what I was looking for and only suggested opportunities that were perfect potential fits. Their strict confidentiality and discrete process made me comfortable looking at other job opportunities while still employed [at my previous job]. Overall, JobMap was an amazing tool for advancing my career, presenting real opportunities that helped me grow.”

When Chavi and her husband lost their business during the pandemic, they needed help figuring out what to do next. After years of doing well financially, they were now without a business or a job. The JobMap team helped them identify career paths that would be a good fit for them and helped them find jobs which met their needs.

After sending Chavi to several interviews, JobMap successfully got her placed as an executive administrator at a large school. She now has a job with a great work-life balance and a sense of purpose she was looking for, working at a school that is thrilled to have her.

Job seekers aren’t the only ones being helped by JobMap. JobMap also helps business owners in the community fill positions. The JobMap team researches and vets job candidates and arranges interviews for them with employers who are looking for what the candidates have to offer. 

“JobMap has helped us find great people,” said Moshe Weber of Jackson Holding LLC, a local real estate company. “They do all the research for me, vet the candidates, and schedule the interviews, so all I have to do is interview them and hire them. All of the people I have hired from JobMap have become valuable assets to my business. I’m grateful to partner in their mission by hiring people from within our communities.”

The staff at JobMap wants the community to know that they are here to help you succeed. If you need guidance and direction to figure out what you want to do, or if you’re unsatisfied in your current job, thinking of making a career change, or want to take your career to the next level, JobMap is here to help. 

Visit or reach out to our Staff via (718) 449-5000 x 2373 or [email protected] today for more information!

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