18 Minutes of Inspiration To Be Shared on Zoom

Renowned Judaic thought leaders, including Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf, Dr. Naftali Loewenthal and Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson, will share insights on Zoom as part of the new Chai Light Talks series.

You’ve worried and struggled through the COVID pandemic. Masks, social distancing, vaccines, losses. But as we emerge from these dark days, how do we prepare ourselves for the future? This critical question as well as others–what have we learned, what will be the new normal, what does Jewish thought teach us, how do we grow from it–will be addressed in a heartening program of hope on Monday, April 26 at 2:00 p.m. PDT (5:00 p.m. EDT) in the US, 10:00 p.m. in London, and April 27 at 7:00 a.m. in Melbourne.

Three internationally renowned and inspiring speakers will talk on Zoom about Life After COVID, the initial offering of the inspirational series “Chai-LightTalks: 18 Minutes of Inspiration” from three of today’s great Judaic thought leaders, developed by Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm of Portland, Oregon. 

About the speakers:
Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf is the founder of the Spiritgrow Holistic Center in Australia which trains people in self mastery of mind and emotion through the synthesis of contemporary research and Jewish spiritual teachings.  He has lectured in over 500 cities around the globe over the past 35 years and been keynote speaker at the International Fortune 500 convention, the International Psychological Association, and other international forums.  He is a lawyer and psychologist, and author of the best selling Practical Kabbala published by Random House.  He is a Lubavitcher Chassid and the older son of Polish holocaust survivors.
Rabbi Wolf’s topic is “Mastering the Challenge of Stress and Anxiety – Navigating a COVID and post-COVID World.”  He says, “We can take control of our lives. How? Stress is not something we ‘catch’ like a cold or COVID. It is the result of a bad choice–the choice of victimhood. The cure: an attitudinal shift. The practice: meditation and profound commitment.”

Dr. Naftali Loewenthal lectures on Jewish Spirituality at University College London, part of London University. He is the Director of the Chabad Research Unit, which runs study and discussion groups and produces the popular email series “For Friday Night” for Jewish family education.  He has authored many scholarly articles and his recent (2020) book is Hasidim Beyond Modernity, Essays in Habad Thought and History.  

Dr. Loewenthal’s topic is “Jewish Teachings on Illness and Care, from the Past to the Future.”  
Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson is the Rabbi of Beit Baruch and executive director of Chabad of Belgravia, London. He is the author of popular books, including Positivity Bias: Practical Lessons for Positive Living. 
Rabbi Kalmenson’s topic is “Optimising Turbulance, Transition, and Transience.” 
The moderator is Mr. Marc Blattner, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, home to 35,000 Jews and one of the fastest-growing Jewish communities.  He previously served in various leadership capacities at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and at The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. He lives in Portland Oregon.
Program director Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm is the Spiritual Leader and Executive Director of Chabad of Oregon.  He arrived in Portland in 1984.  He previously worked with families and youth in Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, England, Australia, and New Zealand.  He was charged by The Lubavitcher Rebbe to bring light to Oregon and to establish Chabad community centers throughout the state.  He is the author of 248 Points of Light, and lives in Portland Oregon.
The price for this 90 minute program will be $18 US per screen or equivalent in other currencies.
Additional information and registration details can be found on www.chailighttalks.org
Questions for Rabbi Wilhelm can be addressed to [email protected]

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