Ask the Rav Marks 10,000 Questions

As Crown Heights marks the first yahrzeit of Rabbi Schwei a”h, the Ask the Rav website, dedicated in his memory, is marking a special milestone: 10,000 questions asked this year.

A message from the AskTheRav team

One year ago we asked our users to sign up to become paid subscribers of AskTheRav, as a fulfillment of Rabbi Schwei’s dream to make Halacha accessible to all. 

Your response was remarkable. You committed to us, to the Lubavitch community, and to the many Yidden that ask their Halachic questions every day. 

Thanks to you we were able to keep up our commitment of answering every Halachic question since that campaign in a timely fashion… a grand total of nearly 10,000 questions this year! 

As we arrive at Rabbi Schwei’s Yartzeit, we want to thank you for your commitment and we want to remind you that we continue to be here for you.

As AskTheRav gains popularity, so do our costs.

If you are not yet a member, now is the time to join.

In honor of Rabbi Schwei’s Yartzeit sign up today and join us in making practical Halacha accessible to all.

May Rabbi Aharon Yaakov ben Rav Mordechai Eliyahu have an Aliyas Haneshama.

Thank you,

The AskTheRav Team

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