The Case for Chinuch

Article by Rabbi Mendel Sasonkin: I never wanted to be a teacher. It sounded so lame. No glory, day in and day out the same boring schedule for the most part. Shlichus, on the other hand, sounded ambitious, dramatic and exciting.

Not at Your Own Risk

Op-ed: A well known company was sued when their negligence tragically cost lives. What does this teach us about chinuch?

Slow Down!

Why do some people think that davening fast is the Lubavitcher way? Rabbi Akiva Wagner with a unique story of the Rebbe.

Shame or Charge?

In response to a cry of shame on those not doing “Chabad outreach,” Rabbi Mendy Kaminker says, instead of feeling shame, we should call others to get involved.

Dirty Water or Gasoline?

Op-ed: A conservative Rabbi urges his congregants to do mitzvos. Is this a historic shift, or the same old values clothed in new rhetoric? 

A Time and Place for Everything

Op-ed: Rabbi Avrohom Brashevitzky, shliach to Doral, FL, likens emotional healing to life-saving surgery; in each case, one must consider all aspects of the methods used.

Upholding Peace in Our Community

In light of recent developments in the Crown Heights community, here is what we think is the most essential ingredient to keeping things positive.

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