The Rebbe Said “Chareidi”

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Harav Eli Landau, a Rosh Yeshiva in Kfar Chabad Yeshiva, told his students that while Chabad does not officially involve itself in politics, and the rabbonim aren’t endorsing a specific party, there are instructions from the Rebbe to be followed.

According to a report, he told the bochurim, “The Rebbe instructed us to vote for the most chareidi party. How can one vote for a [religious] party headed by a woman who openly admits to not being religious? One must vote for ‘the most chareidi party’ without pshetlach!”

Rav Landau was clearly hinting that they should not vote for the Yemina party because it is headed by Ayelet Shaked, who isn’t Shomer Shabbos. He also added, “One who votes for a party that may or may not pass the minimum electoral threshold (Otzma Yehudit) – is, in fact, casting a ballot for those who fight against Yiddishkeit.”

Rav Landau continued to direct his students without mentioning parties by name. “If Porush and Litzman invite you for a Shabbos meal as well as the head of the Yemina party, whose home would you go to?”

Numerous other rabbonim and mashpiim have also expressed their support for UTJ, including R. Yehuda Yeruslavsky, R. Osher Lemmel Cohen, R. Tuvia Bloi, R. Zalman Gopin, R. Chaim Shalom Deitsch, R. Naftali Rott and others.

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