’s Most Read Articles of 5783

From tragic passings, to miraculous births of multiples; from losing thousands of dollars, to winning libelous courtcases: from blind anti-semitism, to miraculous eyesight healings: here are the most-read articles on this past year.

1. Tragedy in the Virgin Islands

Henya Federman, 40, A”h

The entire Kinus Hashluchos joined the Levaya for Shlucha Henya Federman from the Virgin Islands. Her passing was a few months after her baby daughter Shnternie tragically passed in an accident. The Jewish world all rallied together to support her family with a campaign at the time, and added in mitzvos in her memory.

2. Fifth Time’s the Charm

Benjamin Netanyahu Scores Major Victory

The ping-ponging in Israeli Knesset elections finally swung to the right side as Bibi Netanyahu took a majority vote. Looks like the voting-weary Israeli citizens will have a break in their poll visits for the coming years, after having five elections in the past four years.

3. Terror in Our Homeland

Mother of Sisters Killed in Shooting Attack Dies From Wounds

The blow from the tragedy of the terror attack on route 58, hit even deeper as hope for the survival of the mother of the two sister victims was dashed, as she succumbed to her wounds. Bd”e.

4. Vilna vs. Chabad

As Shlucha Faces Jail Term, Vilna Shliach Decries Corruption

After this drawn out court case earlier this year, the Shlucha from Vilna has Boruch Hashem been allowed to leave Vilna and come to the Rebbe and celebrate two of her children’s weddings, after being stuck in Vilna for three and a half years.

5. Miracles in Packages

Quadruple the Brachos: Shlucha Gives Birth to Fourth Set of Twins

In a year full of miraculous births, we had one Shlucha in California who gave birth to her fourth consecutive set of twins. As amazing as that is, it wasn’t even the most shocking of births for the year. Chabad celebrated two sets of quadruplets born: to the Klein family in Argentina, and the Gutovich family in California.

6. From Refusal to Redemption

“My Life Was Transformed When I Refused To Put On Tefillin”

To the Shliach who asked, it seemed like he received a no, but that simple ‘no’ stirred up a storm of healthy Jewish guilt and brought about a lifetime commitment to the mitzvah of tefillin.

7. Lobbying For Light

Frum Lobbying Stops Permanent Daylight Savings Time

A helpful group of frum lobbyists thankfully saved us all from missing morning minyanim and forcing kids to have a dreary morning walk to school in the dark.

8. Unexpected Unity

Encounter In Lakewood Leaves Shliach Blown Away

Shluchim around the world cater to, and look after the frum Jews who travel for vacation and business. Fortunately, the bar is swinging back and the frum community is celebrating and gifting the shluchim in return.

9. Seeing Is Believing

Shliach’s Mezuzah Video Instigates Miraculous Return of Eyesight

A televised documentary on the life of a shliach had a real-life impact on this fum Jew who was reminded to check his mezuzos and miraculously got back his eyesight.

10. Eruv, but Actually

New Response From The Rebbe Addresses Eruv Question

A new letter that was discovered, brought to light the Rebbe’s two requirements for a city to have an eruv.

11. Celebrating Our Warriors

Live: Kinus Hashluchim Gala Banquet 5783

A highlight of the year for many Lubavitchers- watching and celebrating the Rebbe’s shluchim, analyzing every word of the keynote speech, and waiting on the edge of their seats for the very spontaneous dance that, thankfully, always comes.

12. Uncovering the Hidden Spark

When a Lubavitcher Discovers That The Priest is Jewish

Sometimes eavesdropping can lead to good things. This Lubavitcher bochur overheard a priest mention he had Jewish parents who were Holocaust survivors, and the rest is history…

13. Stronger Than Ever

The Lubavitcher Yeshivos of 5784

Check it out – the many moisdos that cater to our bochurim this year: how they are doing, how many students they have, and the who’s who of the mashpiim and maggidei shiurim.

14. The Sound of Holiness

Historic Gem: the Only Recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe

A rare glimpse into the previous generation. This recording is of the only farbrengen we have from the Frierdiker Rebbe.

15. Disturbance at The Airport

Allegations of Antisemitism by TSA Agents Causes Uproar

A sharp sighted reporter spotted a pattern of abuse in the John F. Kennedy International Airport, and a bothered politician promised to look into the matter.

16. Emotional Quandaries

How Do You Feel Today?

Is the new psychological trend of emotional awareness we are highlighting and demonstrating for our kindergarteners helping them or stunting their chassidishe growth?

17. Unfortunate Solicitations

Lubavitchers Lose Thousands to Whatsapp Scam

A con man took advantage of the amazing trust and generosity the Jewish community shares within itself to target Lubavitchers and rack up a fortune.

18. From Anticipation to Dread

Chol Hamoed Trip to Governors Island Turns Into a Nightmare

Forget about the usual “Where should we go?” and “What should we do today?” annoyances of planning chol hamoed trips, this unlucky group of New Yorkers had the chol hamoed trip to rememeber. And not in a good way.

19. Memories of a Teacher

Live: Farbrengen to Mark End of Shiva of Rabbi Wagner

Past and current students alike, all got together to comfort each other and reminisce about the unique and loved Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

20. There in Spirit

Live From Meron: Lag B’omer Celebrations at Kever Rashbi

Only second best to being there live, joining in the viewing of the lively celebrations of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai is always a privilege.


We hope and pray that even before the conclusion of 5783, we will be able to add a new top story to the top of the list: Moshiach Has Finally Arrived!

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