Shliach’s Mezuzah Video Instigates Miraculous Return of Eyesight

A wondrous and eye-opening miracle has occurred to Belgian resident R’ Binyamin Wertheimer this week, thanks to a documentary his wife saw featuring Shliach Rabbi Menachem Hertz spreading awareness about mivtza mezuzah.

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R’ Binyamin Wertheimer, a resident in Antwerp Belgium, was scheduled to go through eye surgery this week after losing vision in his right eye two months ago. Thanks to an amazing hashgacha pratis, he experienced a modern-day miracle and is now completely cured.

Rabbi Menachem Hertz, the shliach who runs the Chai Center in Edegem, Belgium was being filmed for a documentary on Jewish life in Antwerp. He was checking mezuzos in someone’s house and was being filmed explaining what he was doing.

By hashgacha pratis, Mrs. Wertheimer saw the documentary. When she saw the part of Rabbi Hertz, she immediately called him up to see if he can come to check her mezuzos too.

Her husband had lost his eyesight in his right eye just months prior and was scheduled to go to surgery to remove the hemorrhaging blocking the eye to see if the doctors would get a clearer picture of what happened there and then maybe be able to do something about his vision.

Rabbi Hertz was traveling at the time of her call so he contacted Rabbi Yehoshua Lipshitz, the sofer, to help them out. Rabbi Lipshitz checked the mezuzah and lo and behold, the word einichem was missing a yud. They immediately remedied the situation and within a few days, Mr. Wertheimer started getting his vision back.

Mrs. Wertheimer contacted Rabbi Hertz this Tuesday, the day before her husband was scheduled for surgery, and shared that at his doctor appointment that day, everything was cleared and his eyesight is completely back. When the doctors compared that day’s images to the old scans, they couldn’t believe their eyes- they had never seen or experienced a situation like his. Due to checking and fixing the mezuzah, his health problem completely vanished and was miraculously cured.

Rabbi Yechiel Yehoshua Rabinowitz, the Rav of the Shpikov shul that Mr. Wertheimer davens at, wrote up the story in a letter to his congregation to publicize the miracle of the mezuzah and imprint upon them the importance of checking their mezuzos.

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  1. I have unfortunately lost vision in my left eye.we checked our mezuzas.what can i do?
    Please respond

    1. Dear Mrs Krause,
      Amunah and Bitachon in Hashem is the most important thing in life.
      We learn in Tanya that everything in life is for our own good. Sometimes it can appear to be bad but it really is for our own good.
      I hope your eyes is cured very soon, and I am sure that you already wrote to the Rebbe about this and that you have taken upon yourself hachlotos in yiddishkite and Hiskashrus.
      I am certain that the Rebbe will ensure that that you will get what is the real good for you
      יחי אדוננו מורנו ורבינו מלך המשיח לעולם ועד

  2. Thank you this inspiring story.

    Just want to point out that if someone printed the picture of the Mezuzoh, it is shaimos due the Hashem’s name. Maybe put an alert on the article.

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