Historic Gem: The Only Recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe

While videos and pictures of the Frierdiker Rebbe are thankfully no longy a rarity, there exists only one known audio recording, from a farbrengen in 5709. Listen to the recording with subtitles of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s words.

By Anash.org reporter

The holy voice that prevailed over the fiery hate of the Communists and the frigidness of American indifference.

It is not every day that one gets to hear the holy voice of the Frierdiker Rebbe, the simple reason that virtually no recordings exist. Even though he spoke hours of sichos on American soil, for decades there was no known tape of his talks.

In years past, pictures of the Frierdiker Rebbe were rare, and videos were something that no one even dreamed of. Thankfully, those changed in recent years, with tens of photos of the Frierdiker Rebbe being discovered and published, and numerous videos of the Frierdiker Rebbe coming to light.

But an audio recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe was something that remained under wraps, with only rumors of such a recording swirling up from time to time. At times, an audio clip would be sent around, but the quality of the recording and the manner of speech of the Frierdiker Rebbe made it almost impossible to follow the holy words being said.

Suddenly, out of the blue, that all changed. One dedicated chossid put in the effort to match the recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe to his printed talks, and matched it up to the farbrengen of Yud Gimmel Tammuz 5709.

The listener then took the text from the sicha and created subtitles for the audio, to allow any listener to follow along as the Frierdiker Rebbe talks.

The sicha is printed in Sefer Hashichos 5709 on page 333, available for download here.

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  1. Amongst the rumors being swirled around, were similar to the photo of the Rebbe Maharash, that the Rebbe did not want these published as they were portrayals of the Rebbeim not in their best health, and it would not be respectful for them to be seen and known only by those portrayals

    1. למה לי קרא סברא היא it’s a basic Hergesh. People had it for years but it’s very different to publicize.

    2. With the Rebbe Rashab we know it was a passport photo or was supposed to be from what I heard.

    3. As well, it is written that a king is only seen in his glory, for example one is not allowed to see the king getting a haircut for example.

  2. there are a few tracks to that farbrengen.

    from what i recall this was not to be publicized out of respect to the frierdiker rebbe.

      1. The audio clip here is selected phrases and words that the listener manage to decipher.

        The full audio is much longer

  3. This wire recording was from an old American Chosid who lived on Eastern Parkway and passed several years ago. He played it years ago to certain people but never gave it out.

    Thanks to the family who gave it out.

    1. It does seem from the audio quality that it was recorded from the playing record (not direct from the wire Recorder in a professional way)
      It would be great if the original record be made public, I’m sure with a clearer audio there will be more to decipher.

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