Quadruplets’ Birth Was Miraculous In More Ways Than One

The fireworks outside their window paled in comparison to the joy in the hearts of Lubavitchers Sara and Yisrael Gutovich as they welcomed 4 new babies on July 4th after experiencing a series of astonishing miracles.

By: Anash.org reporter

This past Tuesday, on the American Independence Day of July 4, Lubavitchers Sara and Yisroel Gutovich experienced their own fireworks as they welcomed four new children, two girls and two boys, in a miraculous birth.

“This birth is a huge gift from Hashem, it is truly in the merit of the nashim tzidkonios, the tremendous bitachon that Sara had, that we merited to have quadruplets,” shares an emotional Yisrael, father of the quadruplets.

Sara and Yisrael are both baalei teshuva who met and married five years ago. Their shluchim, Rabbi Boruch and Channa Hecht of Brentwood were mesader kedushin at their wedding in Yerushalayim. Both eagerly wanted to raise a large family, but were concerned about their advanced age. Boruch Hashem within the first year they were blessed with a child and welcomed their first son.

Unfortunately, after the first birth, things didn’t go as smoothly and time was passing without sign of another child. They spoke to doctors who recommended they begin fertility treatment as to not lose out on more time. After consultation with rabanim, they went ahead with it.

The treatments were very costly and painful and were not successful the first time around. With increased determination, they put together additional funds and went for a second round of treatment. The day before they were to complete the treatment, Sara was diagnosed with Covid and the doctors told her to hold back from proceeding. It was very discouraging to lose so much energy, time, money, and experience so much pain and discomfort for seemingly no reason.

At that point, Sara decided to take a break from all the efforts and invest her energy in other areas. She took a refresher course in the halachos of taharas hamishpacha and made hachlatos to be more stringent.

Every Chof Gimmel Cheshvan, her shlucha, Rebetzin Hecht, celebrates her birthday with a beautiful farbrengen and women’s event called Spa for the Soul. The event is a Mikvah event that is attended by hundreds of women and is the catalyst for many miracles surrounding the mitzvah of Mikvah and childbirth.

At the event, the women take on different mitzvos at a Mitzvah Auction and raffle off prizes. This past year, Sara attended and took upon herself to wear a shaitel whenever she leaves the house. After the event, Sara asked Mrs. Hecht to please try to get her a coin from the Rebbe. Mrs. Hecht said she would try and gave Sara a huge stack of shir hamalos cards.

“You’ll see, you’ll need all the cards! You’re going to have a house full of children,” she told her enthusiastically.

The next day, Mrs. Hecht took all the letters that the women at the event wrote and flew in to the Ohel to share it with the Rebbe. Mrs. Hecht davened at the Ohel for the Gutoviches to see miracles. After davening at the Ohel, Mrs. Hecht went to Crown Heights and met a friend in 770.

“I asked my friend, please please tell me where I can get a coin from the Rebbe for a woman I know back in LA,” Mrs. Hecht recounted.

“My friend looked shocked and said she had one right there with her! It was dated for before Chanukah- right then when it was. I took it as a strong sign from the Rebbe and brought the coin to Sara who made it into a necklace and wore it every day since then.”

Five weeks later, Sara had an appointment to go for an ultrasound and see if the most recent treatment was successful.

“I was sitting there looking at the screen,” reminisces Sara, “when I saw a bunch of tiny sacs. I didn’t understand what I was seeing. The doctors and nurses started counting incredulously and lo and behold, there were four tiny babies! The doctors were shocked; the treatment they had done was only able to bring a single baby, the other three were completely natural- it was a shocking and wonderful miracle!”

After the initial excitement wore off, they had to deal with a new, very stressful situation. The doctors all refused to take on the case unless they terminated two of the babies because, pregnancies with multiples is such a high risk for the mother.

“I was horrified and saddened, I wanted all of my children. I couldn’t imagine that now that I had a chance to have four more children I might lose two of them. It was a very stressful time. Everyone around me was telling me it was what I had to do,” Sara said.

But Sara refused to believe that was what she had to do. She kept strong in her bitachon and turned to the Hechts as they guided her the whole time and supported her as she hoped and waited to see what would happen.

That Shabbos Mevarchim, West Coast Head Shliach, Rabbi Shlomo Cunin, Mrs. Hecht’s father, was in New York to visit the Ohel as he does every Shabbos Mevarchim. He called Sara from the Ohel and said that he davened for her at the Rebbe’s Ohel and everything would be okay.

“Rabbi Cunin lives on a different plane of existence. Everything he says is with such certainty and with so much conviction, that I just knew it would be okay.” says Sara. “From then on, I decided we would change the tune and continue with the story of bitachon.”

The Gutoviches asked the rabbanim if Halachically they were allowed to decide to take the risk and trust in Hashem that everything would be okay, and got the go ahead. Sara kept up her strong bitachon in Hashem that everything would go well, that the Rebbe’s brachos will be fulfilled.

The next few months they experienced miracles upon miracles. The pregnancy proceeded without even a single complication. This past Tuesday, the Fifteenth of Tammuz, at 34 weeks the babies were born all healthy and robust- two boys and two girls, each weighing over four pounds and one even breathing on its own already.

Boruch Hashem, after only a few days in the NICU, baby number one is ready to go home tomorrow morning, and babies two three and four will follow in the next few days.

“We are living in Moshiach’s times,” Shlucha Mrs. Hecht exclaims, “the Rebbe is with us more than ever before. The amount of miracles we see through the mitzvah of Mikvah is amazing. We need to spread the miracles and the messages of the Rebbe that Mikvah brings the Geula and we need to open our eyes to all the miracles.”

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  1. It’s Unbelievable miracle!!!
    Huge Mazal Tov!!!
    Definitely Rebbe’s Brocha!!!!
    May you raise them to Torah, Chupa u le Maasim Tovim!!!

  2. Can you make a gofundme to raise some $ for diapers and needs of the babies? I want to contribute!

  3. Thank you so much for posting this beautiful story of the Rebbe’s brochos being fulfilled before Moshiach comes. Mazal Tov to the wonderful Gutovitch family of LA on the miraculous birth of their four newborns KAH!! May Hashem bless them with all they need to raise them, ״To Torah, Chuppa and Maasim Tovim”.

  4. Only good news in the families and have a healthy summer. Please tell me when the party is I want to come.

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