The Sefer That Shows How the Alter Rebbe Learned

A Look Inside the Book: There are many seforim that teach us what the Alter Rebbe paskens, but there is one sefer that takes us “behind the scenes”, showing the process and methods the Alter Rebbe used in Halacha, and it’s all taken from his very own words.

Reb Yoel Built; We Benefit

A Look Inside the Book: Reb Yoel Kahn can be compared to a builder. He took the pre-existing material scattered among many sifrei Chassidus, and fashioned a building out of it. A number of recently printed books are prime examples of that.

A Book About the Rebbe That Gives a Fresh Angle

A Look Inside the Book: Many books have been written about the Rebbe, but Dear Rebbe, by author Dovid Zaklikowski, gives a fresh angle, showing us the other side of the Rebbe’s correspondence. A new edition features 100+ more pages and color photographs.

We Learn Gemara, But Do We Know the Background?

A Look Inside the Book: After producing their famed elucidated editions of the Talmud, Artscroll published a companion volume – Introduction to the Talmud. What does the new volume offer, and to what extent will it enhance your study?

New Halacha Seforim Stand Out In a Crowded Market

A Look Inside the Book: The genre of articles summarizing halachic discussion of contemporary issues is very popular, and many such volumes are published every year. Nonetheless, Chikrei Halachah Uminhag, a new work by an Australian rov and shliach, still manages to stand out.

How Much Do You Know About Kopust?

A Look Inside the Book: Today, Chabad and Lubavitch are synonymous. But for a significant period of Chabad history this was not the case. A newly published book tells the story of the sons and grandsons of the Tzemach Tzedek who led other Chabad groups.

A Tanya Commentary That Offers a Fresh Perspective

A Look Inside the Book: Rabbi Adin Even-Israel’s commentary on Tanya, both in the original Hebrew and in English, explain Chassidus in a manner accessible to those with no prior background, while offering a fresh perspective for seasoned students. A new edition makes the study even more enjoyable.

These Classic Halacha Seforim Just Got a Lot Better

A Look Inside the Book: Ketzos Hashulchan and Shiurei Torah by Harav Avraham Chaim Naeh have been classics since they were first published over the years 5686-5714, and are a staple for Chabad chassidim. A new edition of these seforim with many welcome features makes the set a delight to use.

Sefer Pays Tribute to a Great Lubavitcher Rov

A Look Inside the Book: Harav Yosef Tumarkin, the Rov of Kremenchug was a prominent Lubavitcher rov and posek who has been largely forgotten because most of his writings didn’t survive and reach print. The new sefer Shu”t Mahari Tumarkin, is an attempt to turn the wheel back.

From the First Tomim to a Legendary Rov

A Look Inside the Book: From his time as part of the original group of Tomchei Tmimim in Lubavitch to his decades as rov of Kfar Chabd, Harav Shneur Zalman Garelik was somewhat of a legend in Chabad circles. A new book attempts to tell us his story.

How Halacha Views the News – Two Ways

A Look Inside the Book: Two new books, by two talmidei chachamim that double as successful businessman, address recent events in the light of Halacha. What are the similarities between them and what does each one offer that the other doesn’t?

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