Wilkes Barre To Open Summer Camp “YOUTH”

Launching for the first time this summer, “YOUTH” is a unique program designed to help boys attain skills and reach new heights in all areas – physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Summer is a time of opportunity! 

A time to thrive and work on things that during the year may slip through the cracks, like trying new skills, and developing stamina and grit to grow both spiritually and physically!

If you are looking for a place for your son to get all the support he needs and push himself to set new goals- as the Rebbe said, in mind, body, and soul- then “YOUTH” is the program for you!

Launching for the first time this summer, “YOUTH” is a unique program designed to help boys attain skills and reach new heights in all areas- physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Our program is a mixture of an awesome day of camp, learning, fun, and physical training in personal strength, flexibility, mobility, and self-defense skills. 

The schedule will include daily workouts as well as specified training in skills such as mixed martial arts. We believe that our boys deserve and need to be strong, confident, and well prepared for anything. By strengthening and encouraging a shift and growth in physical and Chassidish/ Jewish pride, the boys will become inspired to put in the work and bring out the best in all the above aspects.

YOUTH will be based In the spacious new campus of Bais Menachem, aka “Wilkes Barre”, in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. 

We pride ourselves on our team of experienced staff members who have been working in ground-breaking education and all levels of fitness for over 10 years.

Our Program Directors Are: 

Rabbi Levi Blizinsky– Principal of Bais Menachem YDP

Rabbi Mordechai Seewald – faculty member at JETS

Stop waiting for someone or something to change your life.

Change comes from YOU(th)!

Sign up with YOUTH to turn your summer into one of adventure! 

Some more information:

The program will be 5 weeks long, starting June 27th to August 1st, for boys ages 16 and up. 

To register your child please sign up at BaisMenachem.com/summer

For all other questions or inquiries please reach out to.

Rabbi Levi Blizinsky: 347-677-2451.

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