Detroit, MI: High Ideals, Wholesome Living

Our Communities: Known for its chinuch al taharas hakodesh and an affordable housing market, the anash community of Detroit, MI values high chassidishe standards over ‘luxury living’.

New Haven, CT: Brick by Brick, Built With Care

Our Communities: Established by the Frierdiker Rebbe as a center for Chabad chinuch in ‘the new world’, the anash community of New Haven, CT now boasts close to 150 families and a number of thriving educational institutions.

Pittsburgh, PA: A Home Among the Hills

Our Communities: Located in the aptly named Squirrel Hill neighborhood, the anash community of Pittsburgh combines wholesome yiddishe values with a fun-and-loving family vibe.

Hillside: New Jersey’s Hidden Gem

Our Communities: With its quiet suburban ambiance, lush greenery, cheap housing and close proximity to everything New York, Hillside, NJ is ‘one of the tri-state area’s best kept secrets,’ locals say.

Phoenix, AZ: Where Everyone is Family

Our Communities: The community of Phoenix, AZ is home to families who differ vastly from one another. What do they have in common? They all feel at home at Chabad Lubavitch of Arizona.

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