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Our Communities: The easygoing, friendly community of Coral Springs, FL provides a frum, welcoming oasis in middle of the Sunshine State.

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Close your eyes for a minute and think: if I wasn’t living where I am right now, where would I go? Do you imagine sunshine, a slower pace of living and a big backyard? You’re certainly not alone. 

Over the pandemic, Florida has gotten much attention for its response to COVID-19, and for the relative freedom its residents have enjoyed. There have been waves of families from major American cities migrating south, and Rabbi Shloime Denburg of Coral Springs has a feeling he knows why. 

“We have a big brocha here in Florida, and it’s called ‘Step Up For Students,’” Rabbi Denburg, who serves as director of development at Lubavitch Hebrew Academy told “Baruch Hashem, Governor DeSantis is a big proponent of school choice, so when it comes to state-sponsored scholarships, Florida is leading the pack.” 

When Rabbi Denburg’s parents – Rabbi Yossi and Mrs. Rivkie Denburg – moved on shlichus 35 years ago, there were many Yidden in Coral Springs, but few options in the area for engaging with authentic Yiddishkeit. One of the first instructions they received from the Rebbe was to open a school. 

“The school started with four students in my parents’ living room,” Rabbi Denburg recalls. “Over the years, as the school grew, so did the community – many families were ‘shlepped along’, inspired by their children’s enthusiasm and commitment to Yiddishkeit.” 

As an increasing number of local families became frum, Coral Springs began attracting baalei teshuva from other cities who wanted a strong Jewish school and a comfortable, frum community to live in. Rabbi Yossi Denburg and Rabbi Avraham Friedman – who became the executive director of Chabad of Coral Springs in 1991 – welcomed them with open arms.

Over the next decade, they directed much of their energy into creating an infrastructure and environment in which frum families were able to thrive. Before long, Coral Springs had attracted anash families from around the country, and the school began its transition into a cheder.

“The programming is on par with that of typical chabad chadorim, the staff is made up of Lubavitchers who are chassidishe role models, and most of the students are from anash families,” Rabbi Denburg said. 

What makes Coral Springs stand out is the community’s commitment to frumkeit and its distinct lack of materialism, locals say. 

“There is no judgement here,” said Mrs. Chaya Mushka Yaras, who directs anash programming while serving as shlucha to the local Israeli community.  “There is an acceptance of and appreciation for one another that makes living in this community so comfortable. People here tend to be low maintenance and down to earth, and there is little focus on chitzonius and gashmius as a result.” 

Many of the programs that are enjoyed by the community were initiated by its members, Mrs Yaras shared. There is Avos Ubanim and Mesibas Shabbos, rallies for yomim tovim, chol hamoed family events, mivtzoim opportunities, and farbrengens and shiurim are arranged regularly. A rotation of women cook the shul kiddush each week, and there’s a thriving n’shei group that puts on beautiful events.

“Someone will decide to host a shiur in their home and will ask one of the shluchim to come teach,” Mrs. Yaras said. “Families living here have a special way of taking initiative and getting involved in making this community better. People are always ready to volunteer and invest their time and energy, while respecting the established framework and leadership.”

One such individual is Dr. David Levi, who is described as a dedicated volunteer who always has something to contribute. 

“The shluchim and shluchos really welcome participation,” Dr. Levi told “They are open to all contributions, and appreciate when people utilize their talents for the benefit of the community.” 

Locals laugh at some of the common misconceptions they hear about their city. “We’re not next to the beach, and we’re not right near Miami either,” Rabbi Denburg said. “But it’s a nice city. We have affordable single family homes here, with big grassy backyards.” 

Coral Springs may not be next to Miami, but it does boast many similar advantages. There are multiple chinuch opportunities – including a girls’ high school and mesivta in the neighborhood, and additional options less than an hour away. A short drive will get you to the large, fully stocked kosher stores and eateries of Boca and Hollywood, and many of Florida’s beautiful attractions are easily accessible.

“There is a lot of Kosher right here, too,” said Dr. Levi. “The local Walmart has Lubavitch meat, cholov yisroel milk, and pas yisroel bread; there’s also a Trader Joe’s opening up right down the street, and we’re excited about that!”

Community size: 100 Families

Mosdos and Amenities:

  • Main Chabad Shul: Chabad of Coral Springs
  • Chabad Schools: Lubavitch Hebrew Academy of Coral Springs (elementary), Rohr Bais Chaya Academy (girls’ high school)
  • Yeshiva: Mesivta of Coral Springs
  • Mikvaos: Chabad mikvaos in the area
  • Kosher Establishments: Stefano’s Kosher Catering – caterer with small convenience store; larger kosher groceries and restaurants 20 minutes away. Local groceries have many kosher options.
  • Moreh Hora’ah: Rabbi Yossi Denburg

Cost of Living:

  • Housing market (ZIP code 33065): 
    • Townhouses and condos range from $100k – $200k
    • Single family homes begin at $300s; newer, more spacious homes can go up to $600k. Homes get snatched up quickly, so keep your eye on the prize!
    • Renting an apartment or townhouse costs between $1200 and $2000 per month.
  • Parnassah:
    • Come prepared! Many people are self-employed, some bring small businesses with them. Others find work in a specific field before moving down.
    • There may be career opportunities in nearby cities for those willing to commute.
  • Cheder tuition: Begins at $12,000; significantly reduced for most families, thanks to state grants.

Nearby Anash communities: Boca – 20 minute drive; Miami – 1 hour drive.

Want to further explore this community? Reach out to Rabbi Avraham Friedman at (954) 709-9540 or Mrs. Chaya Mushka Yaras at (954) 867-4684.

For expert help navigating the Coral Springs housing market call Sender D. Seigel REALTOR-Associate® at (954) 998-3261 or visit

Photo credits: David Levi, Chabad of Coral Springs

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