Launches “Our Communities”

A new and exciting column will allow readers to explore Lubavitch communities without the expense or hassle of travel.

By staff

As Lubavitch continues to grow at an astounding rate, anash communities are popping up all over America. With COVID-19 changing the world as we know it, many are finding that their priorities have shifted. For some, a close-knit community is a must; others may want to move near a Chabad high school and enjoy a more active social life. Housing costs and job markets are on people’s minds, too.

The search for the right kehilla is challenging and fraught with concerns. Where will my kids get the best chinuch? Who will their friends be? Are there extracurricular activities that are appropriate for frum childdren? How accessible is kosher food and a Chabad mikvah? Climate, distance from family, parnassah… the list of considerations can seem endless.

In the not-so-distant past, finding these answers required one to travel, often investing a great deal of energy and incurring personal expense. Even with modern technology, gathering this information can be a cumbersome process.

Enter’s newest feature, “Our Communities.” This column will offer insight into the mechanics of Anash communities around the country and beyond, from well established kehillos with hundreds of families to the small pocket communities that are springing up in the most surprising places. Join us as we share each community’s story and provide answers to the questions that come up in the search for a neighborhood to call home.

Each article will feature a different community and will highlight its atmosphere, important facts on the ground and contact details of people who can provide information and helpful resources.

Stay tuned for the first ‘Our Communities’ feature, coming later this week!

Do you live in a great anash community? Want to see your neighborhood featured here? Email [email protected] to tell us what you love about where you live!

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