The Historic Mission to Rectify Art

When famed artist Baruch Nachshon visited the Rebbe for the first time, the Rebbe assigned him a historic mission to “rectify art”. Years later, the Rebbe personally visited his art exhibition, giving subtle yet profound comments.

Historic Event Dedicates New Wing of the Rebbe’s Library

Photos: Dovber Hechtman/
Photos: Dovber Hechtman/

A new wing of the Central Chabad Library was dedicated on Wednesday evening, Hei Teves, in a small ceremony with donors and individuals connected to the library. The event concluded with the placement of mezuzahs on the entrances.

The Rebbe’s Visit to the Union Kollel Building

For a number of years, the Rebbe allowed R’ Zalmon Jaffe to stay in an apartment on the top of the Union Kollel during their visits to New York. On one occasion, the Rebbe visited the building personally to inspect its state, stopping first in the Kollel, which is now set to be rebuilt.

Gerrer Rebbe’s Son Impressed by 770 Visit

The Gerrer Rebbe’s son Harav Dovid Alter paid a visit to 770 on Sunday, where he was shown the Rebbe‘s room and the library. He was gifted a Tanya printed in the original courtyard of the Gerrer Rebbes in Góra Kalwaria, Poland.

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