Historic: Jewish Center to be Built Near the Mitteler Rebbe’s Ohel

They destroy, we build: Even as the war in Ukraine rages on, the Jewish community of Nizyn, Ukraine, is preparing to build a new Jewish center near the Mitteler Rebbe’s Ohel to serve the local community and visitors.

The Jewish community of Nizhyn, Ukraine, is celebrating today. After years of effort, the local municipality and authorities in the northeastern province of Chernihiv have given their approval for the construction of a central shul and community center adjacent to the city’s cemetery where the Mitteler Rebbe is buried.

The center was approved due to the untiring work of Rabbi Shneur Zalman Deutsch, Chabad shliach in Haditch and the one responsible for the mekomos hakdoshim in Ukraine on behalf of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the country.

More than just a small shul or hachnosas orchim, the new building will be magnificent and spacious, with everything needed to service both the local Jewish community and visitors to the Mitteler Rebbe’s Ohel.

“The municipality has allocated us a four-acre plot of land, and the building itself will be 1,300 square meters, including a magnificent and spacious shul, women’s section, a library for Jewish literature, men’s mikvah, conference room, kosher store, study hall, coffee corner, event hall, reception hall, community offices, kitchen, rooms for visitors, and ample parking,” Rabbi Deutsch said.

“We are still in the planning stage, which is expected to be completed by the summer months,” says Rabbi Meir Stambler, Chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Ukraine. “Construction will begin immediately thereafter, and will depend on the support of generous donors.”

“The new complex will serve as the home for all Jewish activity in the city as well as the surrounding cities, and serve as a visitors center for thousands of chassidim from all over the world who visit the Ohel throughout the year, with the numbers only expected to grow,” he said.

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