Why Are Jews So Preoccupied With Torah Study?

Lecture by Rabbi YY Jacobson: Why are Jews so preoccupied with Torah study? By understanding the cosmic fireworks that explode each time we hit the books we are able to appreciate why Torah learning plays such a pivotal role in Jewish life.


Incredible Shlichus Opportunity For 2 Girls Starting this Elul

We are looking for 2 dynamic girls to join our Shlichus team in 5782. Join a beautiful, vibrant Chabad House and feel the enthusiastic impact of your work. Easy-to-work with Shluchim, dedicated to helping you. Beautiful accommodations, car, vacation time, and generous salary. We’ll offer several paid trips throughout the year to NY.

Shlichus work to include:

– Community Family programs
– CTeen
For more info – Please email


Early Childhood Director


Join a warm family of Shluchim in a small but active community, and make a real difference!

Slater Torah Academy, a Jewish Day school in New Orleans is seeking an early childhood director with early childhood experience, excellent leadership abilities and a Shlichus mindset to help grow our child-centered program. 3473564714

Director of Early Childhood & Teaching

Coral Springs

Grow with Us!

Lubavitch Hebrew Academy seeks dedicated, experienced Teachers and Assistant Teachers for Judaic and General Studies. As well as an experienced, Early Childhood Director with excellent leadership ability to further the development and Chasidishe values of our program. Make a difference as part of a dynamic team at LHA, an accredited school serving Early Childhood – Eighth Grade. 9549786341

No Injuries in Hamas Rocket Barrage

Multiple rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at the Yerushalayim area minutes after a Hamas-issued ultimatum calling for Israel to withdraw from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood expired.


Hebrew School Director Needed - Join a Beautiful Chabad House Community

Southeast USA

We are looking for passionate shlichus-minded couple looking to make a difference in our community. Beautiful town with low housing prices.

Jobs include teaching in Hebrew School (transitioning into a director) & Bas Mitzvah Club. Husband would have role in shul, adult education, and/or mivztoim. Excellent compensation.

While not a fulltime shlichus  (husband would need parnasa that can be done remotely) this could be an exciting opportunity for a couple looking for a shlichus lifestyle in addition to existing own job.

Please send your resume to ‪

Are You Looking for a Chinuch Position?

Igud Hamelamdim has placed tens of teachers, principals and other chinuch personnel in Chabad mosdos around the globe.

Many chadorim and schools have already reached out in their search to hire staff for next year.

Click here to be listed in our teacher recruitment database.


L’Chaim: Baumgarten – Hurwitz

Photos: Mendy Kotlyar/

The L’Chaim of Sholom Ber Baumgarten and Rosie Hurwitz, both of Crown Heights, took place Sunday night at the Jewish Children’s Museum.


Baby Boy
כ״ח אייר ה׳תשפ״א - May 10, 2021

Western Regional Kinus Was a “Non-Stop Farbrengen”

This past Shabbos saw shluchim from 13 states gathering in Kansas for the Western Region Kinus Hashluchim, the first in-person Kinus in over a year. Participants described it as “a weekend of achdus and non-stop farbrengens.”


How a Shliach Chose to Respond to a Robbery

After a group of college students broke into the Chabad House at San Diego State University, shliach Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah tried to find a creative way for them to express regret, without having to turn to the police.


Picture of the Day

When a tall visitor to 770 agreed to put on Tefillin, Rabbi Chaim Adelman, Shliach to University of Massachusetts, didn’t hesitate to step up on a bench to help him perform the mitzvah.


Baby Girl
כ״ז אייר ה׳תשפ״א - May 9, 2021
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