Crown Heights Resident Pens a Note of Thanks

From the Inbox: “As a resident of Crown Heights and as a mispallel in the Rebbe’s shul, I’d like to thank a few individuals who enhanced the Tishrei experience for us all.”

By Uri Niasoff

Now that Tishrei is over, as a resident of Crown Heights and as a mispallel in the Rebbe’s Shul, I’d like to express my thanks to a few individuals who enhanced the Tishrei experience for us all.

First of all, the Gabboim of 770 R’ Zalman Lipskier and R’ Yossel Losh. They have the unpaid, tough and thankless job of running the shul and I would like to express my personal appreciation to them.

Yitzy Vail and Shmully Shuchat for all their hard work, dedication, and unpaid time in physically preparing the shul for all of its functions.

HaTomim Mendel Mintz, the powerhouse of a bochur, that among all of his wonderful contributions to Lubavitch in general he also had the great idea of putting up the tent outside of 770 and got it done. May the One above grant him a long and healthy life and may he continue to inspire us all.

R’ Yisroel Shemtov for putting together the Simchas Beis Hashoeva.

Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum for the beautiful children’s hakafos in 770. It definitely is a highlight of the Yomim Tovim.

Last but not least the orchim, especially the bochurim. You bring so much life into 770. When we stop and realize that these young guests never had the merit to see the Rebbe physically and still have the enthusiasm and drive to be in the front of 770 by davening and at the Farbrengens and live with the Rebbe, how can we not be moved?

My hope and prayer is that we should have Shalom within our community. May we come to the realization that we are all children of the same father. We might have different ways of showing our hiskashrus but it’s all out of our love and respect for our Rebbe. May we agree to disagree about our approach, but still love and respect one another, and be a nachas to the Rebbe.

May we work together in expanding 770 and making it a place where all are welcome and may we merit to have the Rebbe back with us physically in a Guf Gashmi and take us out of this Galus with Moshiach Now.

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