What Prize Would Make You Say – I’m In? The Ten Yad Auction Has It

Ten Yad outdoes themselves every single year. But this year, the ante has been upped by leaps and bounds. The extensive list of incredible prizes is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Men, women, children – step right up!

The Ten Yad Auction is in full swing, and this year’s prize selection has been masterfully curated and features the trendiest stores, the most elegant home decor and the hottest vacation destinations. 

The astounding variety of enticing prizes includes something for every interest!

Got the travel bug? Enjoy VIP vacations, both domestic and international!

Shopaholic? Splurge on luxurious jewelry, designer clothing and bags, or enjoy a guilt free Target run!

Grillmaster? Win the finest, freshest cuts of meat (Rubashkin Meat) and grill them to perfection on your brand new GRILL. Add the freshest sides and snacks from Trader Joe’s ($gift card) and your Sunday Bar-B-Que is complete!

Looking for a new ride? Your new Tesla will have you cruising in style!

Click here to check out the full selection.

Ten Yad provides vital aid to Kallahs in need as they prepare for their wedding day. Your participation in the Ten Yad Auction allows them to continue to help Kallahs who are relying on Ten Yad to be able to celebrate their weddings and establish their homes with peaceful minds and calm, happy hearts. 

Buy your tickets today to secure your chance at winning one, or more, of the breathtaking prize selection that Ten Yad has compiled this year!


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