’s Best Features and Editorials of 5782

Over the last year, has brought Lubavitch not only quality and meaningful news, but also many thought-provoking articles and essays. As 5782 draws to a close, we bring you the best twenty features and submissions from this past year.

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Over the last year, has brought Lubavitch not only quality and meaningful news, but also many thought-provoking articles and essays. As 5782 draws to a close, we bring you the best twenty features and submissions from this past year.

1. We Are Not Raising Chassidishe Children

Mrs. Yehudis Wolvovsky, shlucha to Glastonbury, CT and mother of a beautiful brood ka”h, reflects on the twists and turns her perspective on chinuch has taken over the years.

2. “I Felt Completely Clueless”

Growing up, I witnessed many practices that I assumed were the norm. How many times since then has my ignorance tripped me up?

3. What Was Our Rebbeim’s Position on ‘Daf Yomi’?

For years, I knew that Chabad chassidim don’t learn Daf Yomi at the Rebbeim instructions. But when I looked into it, I found out more.

4. With Hiring Season Underway, Schools Face Teacher Crisis

As schools begin to prepare for the coming year, administrators are faced with a troubling predicament: there is a shortage of quality teachers, and the problem is only getting worse.

5. Teaching Isn’t For Everyone

It shouldn’t matter who has the “right” or clout to set our school policy. We need to make sure that it’s being by those who are most qualified.

6. We’ve Got an Elephant in Our Classrooms

We have an “elephant in the room,” and we need to recognize it. It’s not big news, but it is a real issue and we need to do something about it.

7. It’s Time to Rethink Our Shaloch Manos Craze

A Crown Heights mother bemoans the thousands of dollars spent on shaloch manos each year, and wonders, if perhaps this year, we could do things differently.

8. Put Down Your Phone and Speak to Your Kids

Spending time with our kids is a high priority for all of us. But how many of us actually connect with our children, instead of constantly giving a glance back at our phones?

9. We Decide Who Our Heroes Are

Our community is shaken by the recent episode in Eretz Yisroel. It seems not just because of the severity of the acts per se. It’s quite possible that the ensuing trauma could have been avoided.

10. Where is the Lubavitch Pride?

For generations, Lubavitcher boys proudly wore noticeable peyos that extended to the bottom of the ear. Why should anyone be ashamed of this?

11. Whose Method Will Inspire Your Child?

A recent wave has entered the community to change from the traditional way our children learn Alef Beis and Kriah. However, new research has uncovered that this “new” method is really centuries old.

12. “Lamdeini” Does Not Teach Kriah with Phonetics

In response to a claim that kriah phonetics was approved by the Rebbe in the “Lamdeini” curriculum, Dr. Bunim Weinbaum, the booklet’s creator, clarifies that those sounds weren’t meant for phonetics at all.

13. The Doctor Crisis of Crown Heights

While waiting endlessly in a Crown Heights doctor’s waiting room, one mother jotted down her thoughts about the state of the medical services offered in the community.

14. Our Bochurim Must Read So They Will Learn

Rabbi Chaim Chazan makes the case that reading light Hebrew publications for enjoyment must be part of every American bochur’s education.

15. Detroit, MI: High Ideals, Wholesome Living

Our Communities: Known for its chinuch al taharas hakodesh and an affordable housing market, the anash community of Detroit, MI values high chassidishe standards over ‘luxury living’.

16. The Second Brigade: It’s Not Just About Mivtzoim

We sat down with Rabbi Mordechai Lipskier to discuss his article “Training the Second Brigade“, which became an instant classic – and the subject of much debate.

17. R’ Mendel Plotkin: A Model Chassidisher Baal Eisek

R’ Mendel Plotkin who was tragically taken from us was a regular person whom we can model. In recent years, he was a baal eisek, yet he was thoroughly committed to chassidishe values.

18. A Solution to the Shiduch Crisis?


Hundreds of unmarried bochurim and girls in our community continue to seek their shiduch as they climb into their thirties. Could this answer from the Rebbe provide a solution?

19. A Bochur’s Thoughts on the 30th Chof Zayin Adar

We find ourselves in a world of confusion and disarray, searching for 30 years. And yet out of this darkness, I leap into a spontaneous dance.

20. The Blessed Stress of Kids

Listen to a group of friends talking, and chances are you will hear them speak about their stress. In particular, the stress that comes with kids. But we must realize that some of our own could only dream of such complaints.

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