10-Year-Old Lubavitcher Boy Masters Entire Mishnayos By Heart

After years of study, 5th-grade student Menachem Mendel Springer completed the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna by heart, inspiring many of his peers to do the same.

By Anash.org reporter

At a grand celebration, 10-year-old Menachem Mendel Springer completed the memorization of the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna by heart.

The boy, who is a 5th-grade student at Cheder Pe’er Menachem in Elad, Eretz Yisroel, spent years learning the Mishnayos. At an event held in a local hall, he was applauded by staff and students of the cheder, family, and local rabbonim. The event gave the students the experience of love for Torah and the appreciation for persistence, perseverance, and investment in learning and how much it affects all areas of life.

The general message at the event was that with effort everyone can accomplish great things. Principal Rabbi Dov Segal noted the strengths that every student has. “We need to demand more from ourselves and with Hashem’s help we will succeed. Yogato umatzasa taamin.”

Rabbi Shneur Zalman Yaroslavsky, rov of Anash, spoke about the importance of learning the Torah by heart, Mishnayos, Tanya, and the like.

The student’s grandfather, Rabbi Mordechai Menashe Laufer, a rov and shliach in Ashdod, spoke about the power of perseverance. “This achievement can give each and every one of you the understanding that with desire – it is possible to reach such an important goal.”

At this point, the student made the siyum and thanked Hashem, his parents, and his teachers for encouraging him all along the way.

The event was concluded with joyous dancing.

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