Thinking to Move? Follow This Series on Anash Communities

Our Communities relaunch: As families begin thinking about their plans for the upcoming year, is continuing its popular column exploring anash communities throughout North America.

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As Lubavitch continues to grow at an astounding rate, anash communities are popping up all over America. COVID-19 changed the world as we know it, and many are finding that their priorities have shifted. For some, a close-knit community is a must; others want to move near a Chabad high school and enjoy a more active social life. Housing costs and job markets are on people’s minds, too.

The search for the right kehilla  is challenging and fraught with concerns. Where will my kids get the best chinuch? Who will their friends be? Are there extracurricular activities that are appropriate for frum childdren? How accessible is kosher food and a Chabad mikvah? Climate, distance from family, parnassah… the list of considerations seem endless.

In the not-so-distant past, finding these answers required one to travel, often investing a great deal of energy and incurring personal expense. Even with modern technology, gathering this information can be a cumbersome process.

Last summer, launched the series Our Communities. This column offered insight into the mechanics of Anash communities around the country, from well established kehillos  with hundreds of families to small pocket communities that are springing up in the most surprising places.

Back by popular demand, ‘Our Communities’ will continue to highlight communities around the continent, sharing each one’s story and answering questions that come up in the search for a neighborhood to call home.

Each article will feature a different community and will highlight its atmosphere, important facts on the ground and contacts who can provide information and helpful resources.

Click the links below to read the previous articles in this series, and stay tuned for the next community, coming later this week!

Kingston, PA: Young, Friendly and Heimish

Ask the locals to describe Kingston, PA’s anash community and they’ll answer in two words: friendly and heimish.

Baltimore: A Big City Community With Small Town Appeal

A warm, chassidishe atmosphere, an abundance of frum resources and a booming job market are some of the things that make Baltimore, MD a wonderful place to call home.

Chicago: Where Chinuch Takes Center Stage

The Windy City in the state of Illinois is famous among anash for its high-caliber chinuch institutions.

Coral Springs: Everything Jewish, Under the Sun

The easygoing, friendly community of Coral Springs, FL provides a frum, welcoming oasis in middle of the Sunshine State.

Phoenix, AX: Where Everyone is Family

The community of Phoenix, AZ is home to families who differ vastly from one another. What do they have in common? They all feel at home at Chabad Lubavitch of Arizona.

Pomona, NY: The Spillover Community That Took Flight

As Monsey’s community grew and housing prices climbed, anash began migrating to other areas. It was from this expansion that the blossoming community of Pomona, NY was born.

East Flatbush: The Community That Stayed Close to Home

It started out as a small colony of city dwellers seeking affordable housing. Six years later, it’s a vibrant, growing kehilla.

Houston, TX: Land of Big Hats and Bigger Hearts

Located in in America’s fourth largest city, the Chabad community of Houston, Texas blends southern hospitality with midwestern charm.

Hillside: New Jersey’s Hidden Gem

With its quiet suburban ambiance, lush greenery, cheap housing and close proximity to everything New York, Hillside is ‘one of the tri-state area’s best kept secrets,’ locals say.

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