Global Siyum HaRambam To Broadcast From Tiveria

Chayenu, an invaluable resource for daily Rambam study worldwide, is planning a siyum that will live-stream from the Rambam’s kever on the 17th of Tammuz.

Next week Thursday, the 17th of Tammuz, will be a day of celebration.

Yes, it’s scheduled as a fast day and unless Moshiach comes we may have to mourn Yerusholayim…and pray for geulah.

But, on another level, Jews worldwide will celebrate the completion of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah, as per the Rebbe’s initiative of daily Rambam study.

Join an online ​LIVE ​event, together with thousands of Jews around the world, to mark this special occasion​, streaming at ​www.Siyum.Live

This year’s siyum marks the close of the 39th cycle, for those who study three chapters per day, and the 13th cycle completion for those who study one chapter per day. Thus, we are embarking on the 40th / 14th cycle going forward.

The Rebbe, when launching the campaign to learn Rambam Yomi, explained its purpose: Jewish Unity through Torah.

The Rebbe therefore divided the study into three distinct tracks to enable every Jewish man, woman or child to participate. Alongside the siyum of Mishneh Torah will be a siyum of Sefer HaMitzvos.

The program will be exciting and engaging not only for Anash, but for Chabad Houses and shluchim’s mekurovim too.

Program highlights include:

  • Live Feed from the Rambam’s Tomb​ in Tiveria (Tiberias), Israel, where the 40th cycle will be launched.
  • Meet the man who translated the Mishneh Torah ​- an interview with Rabbi Eli Touger, behind the scenes of the 30-year monumental project.
  • Rabbi Mendel Kaplan​, of Chabad Flamingo, Toronto, will deliver the keynote message.
  • Lay Leadership and Businessmen ​from around the world will share their experiences in learning Rambam daily.
  • The program will feature ​video clips of the ​​Rebbe ​talking about Rambam study.
  • View an ​up-close original manuscript​ of the Rambam’s Mishneh Torah.

The event is being produced by Chayenu, which has become a force and a resource for Daily Rambam Study worldwide. Today, Chayenu has over 22,000 students in over 600 cities across the globe. The range of demographics is a representation of the kaleidoscope of Klal Yisroel: from Lubavitchers to modern orthodox to reform to unaffiliated Jews. The Rebbe’s vision of Jewish unity has come to life.

Join LIVE on Thursday, 1:30 PM Eastern Time, 8:30 PM in Israel, 7:30 PM in South Africa, 6:30 PM in UK, 10:30 AM on the West Coast of USA. Visit ​www.Siyum.Live

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