A School That Became A Community

As this action-packed Shnas Hakhel comes to close, Cheder Chabad Florida has emerged as a vibrant and welcoming family-focused center!

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As this action-packed Shnas Hakhel comes to a close, Cheder Chabad Florida has emerged as a vibrant and welcoming family-focused center!

No matter the great distance from which they travel, the families of Cheder Chabad Florida now have a united community to call their own. Cheder has created an environment where parents, students, and staff are welcomed and embraced. The many dynamic school programs not only celebrate milestones, but offer families a chance to connect with one another and form true community bonds.

This Achdus is apparent in endless ways, and has fostered a strong sense of pride for Cheder and all it represents.  In fact, during their yearly fundraising campaign, parents and staff came together to promote their community school worldwide, and to their credit, they exceeded all expectations by reaching over 1,500 donors who brought in $770,000!!!

This is Cheder Chabad – a powerful school that is known for shattering all expectations!

Cheder’s school functions are alive with joy, student empowerment, and love for each child.  Whether commemorating a special day or celebrating student accomplishments, Cheder programs are enjoyable social events.

And there is always what to celebrate.

Throughout this Shnas Hakhel, Cheder constantly created ways to integrate the entire Cheder community in their programming.  Every event was designed to bring together Ha’Anashim, Nashim, V’Tof!

Family Yud Tes Kislev Seudah…

Father’s and sons joining together for morning Minyanim and exciting Sunday Avos Ubanim programs…

Tzivos Hashem Rally with Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum…

Mothers and daughters enjoying delightful monthly Hakhel learning programs and an epic Maleva Malka…

Adorable little ones welcomed with their Aireinfirinish…

Parents awed at Back to School night…

Nachas-filled PTA meetings designed to bring parents and staff together with fun and enjoyment

Rooms full of excited students celebrating Siddur parties, chumash Siyumim, and graduations…

Lag Baomer unity Parade with other schools…

And their very own Cheder Communiy Siyum Sefer Torah!

Yes, Cheder Chabad Florida has had a non-stop Hakhel year!

And of course, as they constantly have proven, they’re gearing up for a better year than ever before!

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