New Girls High School Opening in Florida

As the 8th Grade students are graduating, Cheder Chabad Florida is starting a new girls high school.

N’shei readers: Click here for a full gallery of the class’ 8th grade graduation.

Designed to educate and empower today’s Bnos Chabad, Cheder Chabad Florida’s new High school, is set to become a leader in Lubavitch girls’ education.

Opening it’s doors in time for the 2023-2024 school year, Cheder will provide students with structured high academics and Chassidishe values in a nurturing environment of connection and respect.

Amazingly, it is through the determination of a class of 8th graders that this incredible high school has come to fruition!

In just 4 short years, Cheder’s talented staff and administrators, along with its caring parent body have had unbelievable success in establishing and expanding Cheder Chabad Florida.

As the Cheder experiences exponential growth each year, its values of respect, understanding, and Chassidishkeit remain the foundation and guiding principles of the school. 

Thus, as this year’s eighth grade girls prepared themselves for high school, they realized there was nowhere else they would rather be than continue in the incredible environment of Cheder Chabad Florida.  And so, the high school was born!

Cheder’s high school, will be led by principal Mrs. Chaya Matusof, who has extensive experience in both high school as well as years of staff leadership.

An incredible team of Mechanchos will provide high academic classes while school Shluchos will run Bnos Chabad and Achos Hatemimim programs.

“Cheder’s High School is specifically designed for today’s Chassidishe girls. With high standards in learning and Chassidishe hanhagos, we will create a wholesome environment that will nurture and uplift our students to become leading Bnos Chabad”.

With a growth mindset, Cheder aims to provide each student with the tools to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically while empowering each girl to reach her unique potential.

Limited accommodations for out of town girls are available. 

For more information, please email [email protected] call or whatsapp 561-291-8689.

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